Three Reasons Why Suicide is Not the Answer

In my recent book, Let That Shit Go: Learn to Process Loss and Be Happy, I share my frustration with the fact that in spite of the advances in modern science, there are more depressed and suicidal people now than ever. A reader asked, “You mention in your book that you have had a lifelong struggle with anxiety and depression. Did you ever get to the point where you just wanted to end it all? If so, how did you get past it?”  Yes, I’ve considered suicide, and I’m past it for good. Here’s how I did it.

Pablo Picasso, Blue Nude

Pablo Picasso, Blue Nude

I considered suicide when I was in my twenties, but it never felt right. Since it wasn’t my ego’s decision to be born, it didn’t seem like my ego’s decision to die, and that some higher power must know more about why I’m alive, as in “there must be some reason I’m here.”

Yes, I’m an idealist. There’s something to be said for idealism because you tend to see that somehow things will work out even though you don’t know how. (I call this “faith” but there’s no reason to think of it as religious or grand. It’s just having faith in something.) It’s an assumption I choose to make, rather than believing that life has no purpose. Continue reading

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Let Go of Clutter

Henri Matisse, Still Life with Oranges

Henri Matisse, Still Life with Oranges

I asked Rose, “How can I let go of clutter? I try to reuse, recycle, upcycle, and give away what I don’t need, but still feel bad when I can’t do it for everything…

… even cardboard boxes?!”

Rose responded with a nice little version of the simple process described in her book, Let That Shit Go: Learn to Process Loss and Be Happy

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Fine Wherever You Go: Anthony Bourdain Afterlife Interview

Anthony Bourdain Afterlife InterviewI’ve done work as a medium (and wrote a book, The Afterlife of J.D. Salinger: A Beautiful Message from Beyond) but don’t do it often. However, I felt very connected with Anthony Bourdain after his death, as many did, so I thought I’d try to contact him as a kind of “afterlife interview”. 
I’m not claiming this is him speaking, but I know it’s not me, and will leave it open to each reader’s interpretation. It was inspired by him, which is why I’m including his photo here. My feeling is that it’s an energy that represents him in a “soul sense” as he makes his transition, as is discussed in esoteric information.  

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The Pressures of Celebrity & The Purpose of Life

In her book, Let That Shit Go: Learn to Process Loss and Be Happy, Rose discusses what we may learn from the death of an actor or musician who dies suddenly of a drug overdose, the circumstances that may have influenced them, and the significance of the event in our lives. 

The path for individuals who are in the public eye speaks of the sorts of pressure that you don’t realize in your everyday life. 
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Learn How To Channel

Learn How to Channel

We are continually in exchange of energy with our Divine Selves

Are you a channeler? Do you want to learn how to channel? Perhaps you just haven’t figured out how to how to develop your skills, or how to channel in ways that are fun?

Each of us has the ability to channel, which Rose defines as each person’s innate ability to accurately translate inner experience to outer experience through artistry, healing, and other natural, inspired acts that align with their intent. 

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