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End Suffering from Past Hurts

This graphic (left) expresses how people often project their shadow on others they’ve violated, which can compound suffering. Why do they do it? Because they haven’t addressed their own guilt and suffering. How does one deal with this… call them … Continue reading

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The Divine Feminine, Women, and Policing in Love

When we last spoke about the Divine Feminine, we were saying that love really does rule. It has meaning, it has value, it has reason to be, and indeed has been forever the founding energy of all of life, here … Continue reading

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The Divine Feminine & Men Who Do Violence

The right wing of any political party will tell you the world has been destroyed by those who have enjoyed too much comfort at the expense of others. The “others” they claim have been so sadly misunderstood and put out … Continue reading

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Animals know there is no death

Our cat, Maya, after suffering for a month with chronic kidney disease, was diagnosed with a mass in her lymph nodes. Rather than subject her to more clinical poking and procedures, we got her a 24-hour nausea relief medication so we could spend … Continue reading

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