The Way of Spirit

Joanne, Rose, and Paul are featured in the Meet Rose episode of the documentary series They Call Us Channelers! Now available on YouTube!

Rose’s  latest book is available on Amazon

“startling and transcendent”
“refreshingly straightforward”
“a voice of grace beyond the ordinary”
“entertaining” … “a fantastic read”
“you will find help here for reentering life’s mysterious flow”

Enjoy a serendipitous quote to help you on the way of spirit. For more quotes, reload your page.

All that you see in your world is a reflection of you that is so intensely personal that you can consider it, in essence, you. Your way of spirit is your relationship with your world. Without this larger perspective, your relationship with the world will be a shallow one, for you are much greater</ir than you have been raised to believe. You are an expression of essence that includes physical and nonphysical aspects of experience. – Rose, The Way of Spirit

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