The Way of Spirit

Joanne, Rose, and Paul are featured in the Meet Rose episode of the documentary series They Call Us Channelers! Now available on YouTube!

Rose’s  latest book is available on Amazon

“startling and transcendent”
“refreshingly straightforward”
“a voice of grace beyond the ordinary”
“entertaining” … “a fantastic read”
“you will find help here for reentering life’s mysterious flow”

Enjoy a serendipitous quote to help you on the way of spirit. For more quotes, reload your page.

We use the term passion to identify what gets you excited in a spiritual sense, because your essence is always present to intuitively nudge you to realize your desires. Passionate desires can apply to people, but there are also ideas and things in your world that you may desire in a very big way. These are another important part of your way of spirit. Simple, isn’t it? Indeed, why wouldn’t it be? For your way of spirit sings from the depths of your heart every day. As you learn to heed the siren call of your desires, you will determine the authentic course of your life and follow your way of spirit. – Rose, The Way of Spirit

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