Teachings of Rose

Enjoy a “random” Rose quote to help you on your way of spirit:

The world needs you! Your spirit helpers are ready and waiting for you to recruit them to help with your everyday challenges as well as your big, wonderful tasks in the world. We want only what you want, so trust that you can learn to easily communicate with your own spirit helpers. We’re a fun bunch, not stuffy like you have been taught to believe. We want to assist, for what else, indeed, would there be to do but sit around on clouds filing our spirit nails? That’s right: nothing. So trust that we’re ready as well as able to assist. – Rose, The Way of Spirit

The Foundational Work, The Way of Spirit: Teachings of Rose

The Way of Spirit is a timely work as we engage what many consider a global shift in consciousness in which we are opening more deeply to our essence selves on a mass level. It provides guidance on how to discover your unique way of spirit—your soul’s design for deepest fulfillment, develop and express your divine gifts, and more. (read more)  


Joanne, Rose, and Paul are featured in the Meet Rose episode of the documentary series They Call Us Channelers! Now available on YouTube!


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