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NEW COURSE! Live Your Purpose, Your Hero’s Journey
Find and live your innate intent—your soul’s design for fulfillment. Intent fuels our sense of purpose and draws us towards satisfying choices and experiences to create what we most desire. It can reorient our lives to be wholly, uniquely fulfilled in ways we may not ever have imagined. It can help you answer the critical questions every hero asks, such as What are my gifts? What am I being called to? How can I contact my spiritual guides? How can I let go of what no longer serves me? and How can bring my gifts in service to others? FIND OUT MORE.

Afterlives: Firsthand Accounts of Twenty Notable People
JoRose’s new book is a startling collection of afterlife accounts from some of the most extraordinary people of our times: Anthony Bourdain, Hunter S. Thompson, Ayn Rand, Martin Luther King, Jr., Harriet Tubman, John Barron (former slaver), Thomas Paine, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Hildegard von Bingen, Paramahansa Yogananda, J.D. Salinger, George Harrison, Douglas Adams, James Baldwin, Kurt Vonnegut, Aldous Huxley, Robin Williams, and Jane Roberts, author of the Seth Material.

This book contains some of the most important and meaningful communications from the afterlife that have ever appeared in print and is as such required reading for all open-minded people in our time.” David Lorimer, Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality


“My entire career has been literary and in stylistics, and linguistic analysis in literature has been one of my special subjects, so I actually know what makes up the style of some people… and there’s absolutely no doubt that either you’re a fantastic genius… a queen of imitating the styles of literary and other writers, or you’re getting it from somewhere else.” – Prof. Lance Butler, (ret.) University of Edinburgh

NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND, Seth Revealed: Unlock the Secrets of Conscious Creation! This comprehensive overview of the 46 books by Seth and Jane Roberts that provides a practical, easy-to-follow introduction to Seth’s core ideas and transformative exercises. Originally a popular live course for participants around the world, you can now experience it at your own pace—any time, on any device—and enjoy the same safe and comfortable environment for exploration!

The Foundational Work, The Way of Spirit: Teachings of Rose

The Way of Spirit is a timely work as we engage what many consider a global shift in consciousness in which we are opening more deeply to our essence selves on a mass level. It provides guidance on how to discover your unique way of spirit—your soul’s design for deepest fulfillment, develop and express your divine gifts, and more.



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