The Way of Spirit

Joanne, Rose, and Paul are featured in the Meet Rose episode of the documentary series They Call Us Channelers! Now available on YouTube!

Rose’s  latest book is available on Amazon

“startling and transcendent”
“refreshingly straightforward”
“a voice of grace beyond the ordinary”
“entertaining” … “a fantastic read”
“you will find help here for reentering life’s mysterious flow”

Enjoy a serendipitous quote to help you on the way of spirit. For more quotes, reload your page.

When you meditate, you trust your essence to take over and remind you of your Divinity. Meditation doesn’t require that you sit on a mountaintop, or in a cross-legged position. Meditation is to simply relax into yourself, close your eyes, breathe in your essence… and experience the feeling tone of your Being, your Personal God. That’s all. The way you can imagine essence is as a tender touch, a compress on your forehead that calms and soothes you, a light fine wine to resolve your tensions, remove your fears, and indeed, that’s exactly what your essence is. – Rose, The Way of Spirit

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