Address Your Beliefs (IDEA)

Beliefs help shape your physical reality, so you’ll want to address limiting ones whenever you find them! This practice, also referred to as Identify, Define, and Effortlessly Address your beliefs (IDEA), builds on the Access Alternatives practice to identify and address your shadow.  (See all Practices.)

  1. When you feel bad for any reason, notice it and identify the belief that is blocking your nature to be happy, such as fear or doubt you may have. The issue will be something you have in the past identified as someone else’s problem when it is really yours.
  2. Define how to address the problem. You may need to let go of expectations about things needing to be certain ways in order to be happy, get your wants aligned with your truest desires, learn how to assist others in ways that are satisfying for you as well, and myriad things you can do to change the way you think about the issue. Consider the simplest things, and realize that everything in the world has pluses and minuses.
  3. Effortlessly address the beliefs. The idea isn’t to remove beliefs, but to let them  help you realize how to make changes in your thoughts and actions so you can get happy. You might take action to repair a problem that you’ve not acknowledged before was the result of your limitations or beliefs, not someone else’s.