Listening to Your Better Angels

There are many people dealing with stressful situations in their lives. This is normal: stress, anxiety, and sometimes the desperation of life are part of the world you live in. What matters is that you’re able to work through these things, and the Rose information is available to help with that.

The problem sometimes with the current treatments available is that they are not fully embracing the view of the world that we angels have told you about, the world in which you’re not separated by body, you’re not separated by blood, or even distance, in a sense. You’re only separated by the thoughts you have of being on your own in a world of sorrows.

Your angels are here to help

However, we’re here to tell you the path for you is fine if you can get past the thinking that you’re alone. We are here always. Your gods are with you always. Your better angels are those who whisper in your ear to help you through the mire that you wade through to get to the best versions of yourself. We want to share a few things about whispering that will help you now.

The whispers come from your many facets of personhood, even those in the nonphysical reality. Some physical beings have multiple expressions, having found ways to express almost totally differentiated beings in their selves. This is not uncommon. Most individuals have this ability, but suppress it because they will be labeled as having a pathology.

Learn to discern

The truth is, there’s no one who only has one voice inside them. You have many. And to learn to discern between them is the key to allowing yourself to be fully human in the world.

Any voice that tells you to harm another or yourself is not one to listen to. The path for some includes this kind of behavior. We suggest the path is more about experiencing the voices to be assured you have all the info. The relationship between you and your “lesser angels” can be thought of as the one you need to sometimes be open to, then to suggest to them “thank you” because they mean well, and then suggest to them,“I will listen to somebody else for now.”

The path, therefore, has to do with encouraging yourself towards engaging your better angels, mostly. What we call the lesser angels is: your shadow.

Get to know your shadow, but don’t follow their advice

Your shadow is the disinherited, unloved, unwanted part of yourself that you have learned to engage solely as somebody who is looking for answers. The answers the shadow comes up with have no relevance to who you are when you are asking the questions, however. The shadow is an older aspect of yourself who didn’t know any better than to blame yourself or somebody else for your misery. It will always be there to correct you with blame, or knock down your dreams. The shadow is therefore the devil in every way because the evil you know in the world is only the shadow projections of those who do not know how to listen to their better angels.

Bring the shadow to light

Now without going into too much detail, there are people who listen to their shadows too much. They encourage themselves towards avenues that will not be beneficial for them. They are desperately trying to find the reasons for their own inability to solve their problems. The answers will be in the neighborhood of settling scores, or wanting to be the bigshot, etc. These are not the most mature voices.

Therefore, you need to find a way to bring the shadow into the light by saying to him or her, “We don’t think you have the answer this time, us many angels here.” We better angels think you need to just allow yourself to be truthful about what you really want. Then say to your shadow, “This isn’t the thing I really want.”

Do you see? The shadow will spark all kinds of ideas in the process. It will help you find a way to move beyond where you’re at. The shadow is, therefore, your friend: however not one you want to listen to all the time, and certainly not to do what they suggest.

The process will help you identify what you truly desire

Discernment is the key. Learn to adjust your attitude about what you really desire in the world. The shadow will tell you what you think you want but will not be helpful until you have the ability to say to them, “That’s not the best course for me. Go home and think again please.” Or something to that effect. Your shadow is wanting to help you, they just doesn’t know how.

So don’t hate the shadow, love the shadow for who they are and allow them to be on their merry way, too, as you choose the best, most wonderful desires you can. So do so.

Empaths may hear voices more loudly

(I asked “Does this have to do with people literally hearing our inner voices?)

Yes. Some people hear them literally. This information is something that they especially need so they don’t feel like they’re odd or different. Do you see? They’re the same as everybody, they just hear the voices louder through their ability to be empathic. The shadow is a source of information that requires empathy as well the discernment, and is what helps those needing to go past the shadow into the light, in a sense.

The condition of hearing voices requires a profound amount of therapy, and we’re not suggesting they do this on their own. We are only suggesting that the permanent solution is one that requires some degree of spiritual counseling to help understand the limitless abilties that you are each capable of, and to help steer you into the kinds of life-affirming spiritual beliefs that the world so desperately needs.

(The Way of Spirit book provides helpful in-depth information on the shadow, how it works, and how it effect us and our world.)

About JoRose

Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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