Find Your Intent

Contrary to the modern scientific worldview that reinforces a chance universe with no larger purpose or design, Rose and other teachers maintain that each of our lives has intent–our soul’s design for deepest expression and fulfillment. Our essence, our soul, as a whole, and all of our lifetimes, “belongs to” one of the nine intents, and each lifetime “aligns with” one as well. Each family has an associated color to help identify them in dreams and intuitions, but there are an infinite number of shades and expressions of intent. It also helps to explain the amazing diversity and interdependencies of human expression and opportunities for fruitful collaboration in our world today.

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The Families of Intent

Now, the way in which you may find your intentionality is to embrace each kind of family of consciousness, for they are all you, as you are comprised of the many beautiful intentions of the essential Divine ingredients of your reality. We suggest you do this now, and do not make the mistake of thinking of these types as groups or tribes that exclude others. This will not be a healthy expression of your Divine Source.

They are Sumari, Ilda, Tumold, Milumet, Gramada, Borledim, Sumafi, Zuli, and Vold. Each family also has its own intent name.

The Sumari/Speakers (Blue) are those individuals who do not accept the status quo and make the case in artistry that the world needs changing. The Sumari express themselves in thought and expression through your arts in a variety of media such as books, music, paintings, and more, so as to provide their view of a better world in as many ways as possible. Each meaningful expression is as different as the individual who provides the expression.

The Ilda/Tellers (Green) tell their stories through exchanges of information in order to express the differences, in some ways, between cultures, people, and ideas. Ildas have the unique ability to “connect the dots,” and this will be a very formidable task in your new world, in that the exchange of ideas will in some ways impress upon the world the beautiful ideas that may have otherwise been hidden.

The Tumold/Healers (Indigo) are the formidable instructors in the ways of medicine, anticipating the needs of individuals in regard to their infirmities, including those of the heart, mind, body, and spirit. The Tumold make people well by encouraging one’s own healing capacities, as you do know that the only one who can heal you is yourself. Facilitating healing would be an accurate description of the Tumold’s service to others.

The Milumet/Rememberers (Red) are those who lovingly provide inspiration to the world by allowing a deep remembrance of your Divine Source. The Milumet are those individuals who are so interested in the many expressions of life that they do not pay attention to the less important will of others, so as to embrace and communicate in many quiet ways the expression of the Divine in every creature. They provide what is in some ways misunderstood, as their expressions are often contrary to your strive-drive ways, instilling instead the remembrance in others who listen that you are already exactly where you need to be.

The Gramada/Formers (Orange) are those individuals who were born to form things from a variety of sources using a variety of means. They typically come up with the “final” idea that merges together a most impressive array of elements to create something remarkably new, often making revolutionary advancements in your world. Gramada individuals do form their own reality, as you do, and in some ways they form your reality in the mass sense, for their remarkable inventions and operating principles sometimes recreate your world in a most substantial way.

The Borledim/Nurturers (Pink) are your wonderful parenting superheroes, but only in the respect that they parent the world. They may also parent children, but the way they do so may in some ways be contradictory to the way you may think an ideal parent would. For Nurturers must often wean their children, in the real and metaphorical sense, of their childish ways so as to learn to trust themselves. We suggest that the Borledim make weaning a very interesting, exciting passion for themselves as well as others, which is a very important thing in your world.

The Sumafi/Teachers (Grey/Black) are most interested in the least distortion with regard to your learning. Sumafi are often very stern and critical teachers because they know you need to interest yourselves in your world in ways that remove the layers of bullshit from your experience. We suggest you keep in mind that the teachers in your lives need to be just, but not nice all the time. Trust yourselves to find out what things you need to learn and from whom, and consider that niceness was never intended to be, in your terms, a required course.

The Zuli/Imagers (Purple) are those individuals who serve others through their physical forms. They achieve great things in your sports, dance, in the design of interesting forms such as automobiles, spaceships, and other wonderfully individual creations involving physical structures. The Zuli are in many ways creators of your external physical realities, as their shapes so please you that you may not even have thought that there was a designer involved at all, or that the way in which the designer did so was divinely inspired. But, of course, it was.

The Vold/Reformers (Yellow) sound like a very impressive, many faceted bunch, and they are. The way you may know them would be through your acts of civil disobedience, your revolutionary exchanges of one form of status quo to another, your most dramatic activities in regard to world events, and other forms of expression that may not be as widely known but serve to shake up the status quo in smaller ways: in your families, your religious institutions, in your schools, and so on. The status quo would, in your terms, be replaced by another, more suitable framework.

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To discover your intent, read and contemplate the exercises below. Insights can appear in dreams in the form of colored objects that signify the families. For more information, consider purchasing The Way of Spirit: Teachings of Rose (on Amazon). A Rose session can also help you find and live your intent.

Discover Your Family of Intent Belonging-to

The family of intent you belong to is the one that your essence holds in every lifetime. The way you identify the correct family is to trust your deep intuition to tell you, “What way of spirit do I follow at the soul level?”

This may come easily to you, because it is the way of spirit that is in you so deeply that you may take it for granted. Also, it is possible to have a combination of family intents, but for now you can focus on one or two families.

Then ask your inner self, “What is my best expression—my easiest way of doing things?” In this, your belonging-to family will become clear to you, as it expresses itself naturally and easily for you in every lifetime. You’ll find a comfort level with the family of intent that you choose, as you’ll be very familiar with it in inner ways. In this, your family of intent belonging-to is considered your ease area.

Discover Your Family of Intent Aligning-with

Now, the way to find which family of intent you align with is to choose the one or two that most attract you and yet sometimes cause you trouble. For example, if you have a Borledim (Nurturer) alignment, you may find it easy to nurture others but have trouble nurturing yourself.

This is what the alignments are about—challenge areas that allow you to investigate other families’ unique expressions and help you develop your abilities to their fullest. In this, you’ll find a natural aptitude, but it will often have challenges built in. It’s as if you get invited to a wonderful party, but there are obstacles along the way and you have trouble getting there.

As with the belonging-to, it is possible to have a combination of aligning-with intents, but for now you can focus on one or two families.