Request a session

Private sessions with Rose can be provided in person, or via phone or Zoom, and can be up to 60 minutes in duration. You will receive an MP3 audio file of the session by email within 24 hours after the session. (For those wishing to convert your MP3 audio file to text, see note below.)

The cost is $250 USD payable in advance by PayPal (below) or check (made out/mailed to Joanne Helfrich, 1189 Aztec, Topanga, CA 91384). To request a Rose session, or for more information, contact Joanne.

For more information, see:

Options for those wishing to convert an MP3 audio file to text:

  • For those with a Windows 365 subscription, it comes with a transcription service
  • Use the dictation function in Windows 10 and download something called a virtual audio cable, which channels the voice output back in as input and the audio gets transcribed as if it was dictation.
  • If anyone knows how to do this using Apple/Mac, please let us know!