Rose is a non-physically focused energy personality essence, what may be considered spirit, soul, inner self, or essence. She is a teacher whose intent is to help us each realize our direct connection with our own essence—which she also refers to as our Personal God—by embracing our way of spirit, and in doing so, live the most fulfilling life possible. (For more information, see About Rose).

Rose interacts through the very physical Joanne Helfrich (see About Joanne) through a bridge personality to express her highly informed perspective on the nature of reality. The phenomenon is commonly known as channeling.

Rose has dictated a book, The Way of Spirit: Teachings of Rose to encapsulate her core teachings and Let that Shit Go: Learn to Process Loss and be Happy, a practical guide to dealing with small and big losses that we encounter every day. You can also:

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    • Author talks – these combine book readings and signings, personal stories, and audience questions and participation. This is a great way to attract birds of a feather and share experiences and insights.
    • Presentations – Joanne can shape a presentation to your needs, and has presented on many topics including: 
      • Your Hero’s Journey – Found in many narratives around the world, the hero’s journey can be considered a template for our lives in which we heed the call of our own unique and important purpose. Participants will be encouraged to look deeply into the passions they have possessed since childhood, recognize their divine gifts, and find ways to be of service in the world that evoke their best, most fun and spontaneous selves.
      • Cosmology and Seasonal Observances – When viewed through the lens of a loving and nurturing Cosmological Story, our ancient seasonal celebrations–common to all traditions–light up in ways that can help each of us engage our deeper Selves and celebrate in ways that unite people. 
      • The Spirituality and Science of Worldviews – behavioral psychology has identified why people make decisions differently and what to do with the differences to create positive outcomes. This knowledge has been tested in the most complex of environments, including South Africa, where it helped resolve the issues of apartheid while avoiding civil war. The experiential portion of this program helps participants engage their developmental subsystems to better understand themselves and others and identify areas in need of attention and rehabilitation.