Incorporate Rose Energetically

The way you can import us into your life will indeed be multifaceted, as you each have a physical, mental, spiritual, and shadow self, and each one will be incorporating us into your excellent physical reality.  (See all Practices.)

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Your senxuality is the key in understanding the changes you’re going through, for your senxuality introduces all of Rose to all of the senses, and the senses in most cases are tied to your sexuality and sensuality. We made up the word senxuality, for your two words need convergence, as neither totally explains your natures.

So we suggest you incorporate senxuality into your vocabularies to describe the most perfectly beautiful expressions of your sexuality and sensuality, for explaining either will not incorporate the other. We suggest you are a very mixed reality, and you are expressing your desire to mix things up in more ways than you have in your past, combining the best of all worlds, and allowing yourselves to trust that you will incorporate all your excellent physical qualities into your most fulfilling lives.

The way you can, therefore, allow yourselves to incorporate Rose energies will indeed be through a blend of sexuality and sensuality. We suggest you notice everything around you, and incorporate the ways of animals to pick up scents, to see in ways that an animal sees: well thought of in your terms, are they not? And we suggest that you don’t heed the valuable, excellent allowances they provide you in excelling, as they do in the world, as they can be a teaching mechanism for you. We suggest they are the best teachers that you have on the planet, so trust ‘animal planet’ to teach you how to incorporate spirituality.

Therefore, the way of spirit indeed allows the incorporation of scent, sound, taste, sensual pleasures such as a bowl of cherries, a sexual romp, a most breathy view of your landscapes, a most breathy view of your wonderful bodies, a scent on a tip of a table lamp, a marvelous dinner, a most frequently assuaged martini, a wonderful movie, a most assessed set of probabilities (see Access Alternatives), a planetary view of your desires (see Access Alternatives II), a most fond friendship, a trusted indoctrination into a new way of thinking, a fine wine, a most trusted promotion of your love for the friends in your life, a most trusted expression of contrariness to all who don’t see the need for contrariness, a most welcome, most pronounced expression of anger, a most respectful welcome for all into your world, and sontering (see Sonter (Breathe In Essence)) of your many proposed intrusions, and your way of saying “thank you.” For all will, indeed, be ideas that you may make excellently available to yourselves in order to find the way towards spirit.

When the time comes when you have not afforded a way of spirit, then we suggest that we will assist. Trust that you will become the most pleasured so as to remember that we are allowing the most beautiful physical expressions that you can desire. We are the servants of you, not the servants of ourselves, and we trust that exactly what you desire will indeed be your most beautiful expressions. We are here to serve the things that we suggested above, and many, many more, so trust that the way of spirit will indeed be an enormously pleasurable one. We trust you will. Trust yourselves to connect with us at every moment of your days.