About Joanne

Joanne HelfrichJoanne is a channeler, author, speaker, and guide whose works are cosmic, often comic, and always helpful to readers and participants.

Written works

In her foundational work, The Way of Spirit: Teachings of Rose, she channels nonphysical personality essence Rose (see About Rose). The book focuses on how we can each connect with spirit and express our unique intent—our soul’s design for fulfillment. As a result, we can live our most joyful lives. 

Joanne’s abilities as a medium also extend into the afterlife. In 2016 she channeled beloved author J.D. Salinger (author of The Catcher in the Rye), who wrote The Afterlife of J.D. Salinger: A Beautiful Message From Beyond.

Joanne and Rose’s latest book, Let That Shit Go: Learn to Process Loss and Be Happy, helps to cure addiction, anxiety, and depression. It therefore may be the most capable of curing the world’s sorrows so we can get happy! 


Joanne’s work has been highly influenced by Jane Roberts, author of the Seth Material. She’s also studied the work of psychologists and scientists including Dr. Don Beck (Spiral Dynamics Integral), Ken Wilber (Integral Institute), and Dr. John Klimo (Channeling).

Teaching and speaking 

Her work in integrative science, art, and spirit in includes CafeMuse, a resource for holistic music education. She’s lectured nationally on personal and cultural transformation. As a supporter of The Seth Material and The Elias Forum, she advocates channeling as an innate human intelligence.

She began her energy exchange with Rose in 2007. Along with partners Paul M. Helfrich and Chris Johnson she offers programs and resources to help individuals express their special gifts and intent through offerings at NewWorldView

Joanne is available for Rose Sessions and personal events including:

  • Author talks – these combine book readings and signings, personal stories, and audience questions and participation. This is a great way to attract birds of a feather and share insights.
  • Presentations – Joanne can shape these to your needs. Here are some topics she’s presented to date: 
    • Your Hero’s Journey – Found in many narratives around the world, the hero’s journey can be considered a template for our lives. This is because we are all called to own unique and fulfilling purpose. Participants are encouraged to look deeply into the fun things they did as children. This leads to an understanding of our divine gifts and ways to bring them to the world.
    • Cosmology and Seasonal Observances – What’s right, the scientific or spiritual story of the Universe? Why not both? When viewed through the lens of a loving and nurturing Cosmological Story, our ancient seasonal celebrations become more meaningful. Additionally, they are common to all traditions. Therefore, we can celebrate in ways that unite people. 
    • The Spirituality and Science of Worldviews – Behavioral psychology has identified why people make decisions differently and how to use this understanding to create positive outcomes. The experiential portion of this program helps participants engage their developmental subsystems to better understand themselves and others and identify areas in need of attention and rehabilitation.