These are Rose’s most common concepts, including neologisms (new words) that are intended to push our perceptions outside the box of conventional language patterns and belief systems.

Access Alternatives – a core practice to help break out of closed patterns of thinking to allow more potentials you may take for any situation, rather than just what is considered the “right” or “perfect” way. This helps you live in the now and become aware of probabilities that may better fulfill your desires. (See the Access Alternatives and Access Alternatives II practices.)

All That Is – the level of being that is the Totality of All Things and All Probabilities.

channel – to accurately translate inner experience to outer experience through artistry, healing, or other natural, inspired acts in alignment with your intent.

chreate – A combination of Christ and create. “Your chreations are what you do when you are spiritually informed. The chreations are those that would be considered ones of beauty, and that’s allowed always, works of beauty.”

Consciousness – Spirit, Divinity, All That Is.

contrary self – the self who loves you exactly as you are, no matter what. The contrary self helps provide what you need and desire—but not always what your ego wants—by letting you know when you need to question your actions. The contrary self is always loving, and never degrades others or acts in ways that lack compassion.

decine – a combination of decide and divine, or deciding to do things in ways that are essence-like.

desires – natural impulses that come from your essence that are aligned with your intent and hold your greatest fulfillment. They are wants that are the healthiest expressions of your selfhood.

Dreamwalker – an essence comprised of many essences who is directly involved with the creation and maintenance of physical reality. Rose describes herself as a Dreamwalker.

ego self – the level of being that is your everyday God-in-training, and often makes choices based on fears rather than the guidance of essence.

empede – a combination of empathy and impede. To impede the actions of others out of a sense of empathy, such as standing up to bullies in ways that end their suffering as well as others’.

energy exchange – the means by which all things—atoms, molecules, bodies, and solar systems—are intimately connected and supported by All That Is. Also defined as channeling an essence other than one’s own.

energy personality essence – a vast, multidimensional being who exists outside our physical space-time construction. Rose is an energy personality essence, as is Seth and many other nonphysical teachers who assist in our shift in consciousness.

essence, essence self – the vast energy that you can consider soul, spirit, inner self, greater self, or Personal God—the “spiritual suggestion box” who helps guide you. Your essence has many focuses of attention in many dimensions and timeframes simultaneously, and is always there to assist.

equanimity – the composure you gain from holding little judgment and relying on essence—which includes your ego self—to make the calls, invoking a sense that everything is as it should be.

evil – compassionless action. It is not an absolute Truth, and therefore not as powerful as Love or Compassion.

families of intent – nine characteristics of consciousness that work together to create an infinite number of expressions, including our physical universe. They are guidelines to help find one’s innate intent and follow our way of spirit. (See Find Your Intent.)

family of intent belonging-to – your essence’s innate intent that is expressed in every focus of attention (lifetime). It is a theme that expresses itself naturally and easily in all of your lifetimes.

family of intent aligning-with – your innate intent that is expressed in this focus of attention (lifetime). It is a theme that is designed to be a challenge area to allow you to investigate other families’ expressions.

feal – a combination of feel and real; the ability to use one’s inner senses in the deepest, most accurate, efficient and satisfying means possible. Fealing allows the greatest connection with essence and expression while reducing theatrics, which express inner feelings inaccurately, block energy, and take more effort than needed.

fealing tone – a means to identify and interpret specific energy.

flaws – perceived wrongs about self and others that are not wrongs, only things that have not been addressed—such as fears, anxieties, and ways you don’t love yourself yet—based upon the incorrect beliefs you’ve been raised with. You are not flawed from birth, you were born in a state of Grace and will never leave it.

focus of attention – a lifetime such as your own. Your essence self has a vast number of focuses in many other dimensions and time frameworks that exist simultaneously.

geanius – a combination of gene and genius, your innate spiritual wisdom and genetic codes inherent in your body, which are essence, too, and provide introspective, inspired information. Your way of spirit includes your mind, body, and your very genes. All are intimately connected with essence.

healp – a combination of help and heal.

inner moral cooperative sense – awareness of the potential for violation so as to make beneficial non-violating decisions in your now. By choosing to not violate, you live in greater cooperation with All That Is.

intent – your essence’s design for fulfillment. Discovering your life’s innate intent is an important part of your way of spirit. First introduced by Seth in The “Unknown” Reality, Vol. 2. (See Families of Intent).

God – levels of being that you may identify and explore relationships with; while it’s sometimes necessary to describe levels of being, there are no closed systems or divisions in consciousness.

  • The everyday God-in-training—the you who makes choices based on your way of spirit (your ego self)
  • The mediating Personal God—the “spiritual suggestion box” who helps guide you (your essence self)
  • All That Is

love – the moral authority that permits individuals a means to invoke the word, actions and intent of their essence in the service of self and others.

karma – an action propelled by the imprint of a violation to compel you to learn from your mistake. When you violate another, you also violate yourself.

meditation – to relax into yourself, close your eyes, breathe in your essence (sonter), and experience the fealing tone of essence. (See the Rest in Rose practice.)

natural time – the inner sense that guides planetary and physical rhythms that include body cycles, tides, sun movement, and seasons. Natural time exists beyond clock time, which frequently blocks impulses from essence that aid in fulfillment.

nun – A contrary way of being in the world that reclaims the transformative practices of past feminine contemplative traditions, while helping those who are ready to move beyond extreme relativistic thinking found in many New Age circles. The term is often used in fun and can include both men and women.

orientations – A typology (common, soft, and intermediate) that, together with gender and preference, form a “language of perception” that helps explain why we each perceive reality so differently at times. (See Orientations.)

passion – what gets you excited in a spiritual sense; how essence works through your intuition to realize your desires.

Personal God – see essence.

policing in love – to provide fearless and respectful actions towards another that help them realize more fulfilling options.

pray – to engage your best reasoning and intuition to meditate into the space of non-reasoning. Prayers done before sleep help you assimilate the day’s events, calm your mind, and lull you into the dreamspace where you will obtain specific help from essence.

probabilities – the vast expanse of fields in which you exist, and in which your every choice has an effect on the outcome of every event in your life and in those around you. Every action has probabilities built in, and every situation can go in any direction at any time, no matter how improbable it may be.

probable selves – versions of you who simultaneously experience alternate probabilities and paths in a variety of time-space dimensions.

remembrance – the sense of essence or soul nature that many individuals have lost touch with, but realize when they live in their way of spirit.

respect – the need to attract fondness in a most basic way that promotes response-ability. When you respect someone, you become familiar with them in subtle and profound ways.

response-ability – the ability to enjoy the responses and consequences of the actions one chooses.

Rest in Rose – a meditative practice to help you sense the fealing tone with Rose so that you may more easily do so with your own essence. (See the Rest in Rose practice.)

senxuality – a sense of combined sexuality and sensuality that provides a deep connection with spirit. “The most perfectly beautiful expressions of your sexuality and sensuality, for explaining either will not incorporate the other. The way of spirit indeed allows the incorporation of scent, sound, taste, sensual pleasures such as a bowl of cherries, a sexual romp, a most breathy view of your landscapes, a most breathy view of your wonderful bodies, a scent on a tip of a table lamp, a marvelous dinner, a most frequently assuaged martini.”

shadow self – a necessary aspect of self that brings focus to thoughts and actions that conflict with your desires so that you may address them. Both shadow inflation and shadow deflation invalidate your own power and perpetuate suffering.

Shadow inflation happens when you think that you can’t get what you want and project onto others who seem to have the power to do so.

Shadow deflation happens when you project your dislike of your own perceived flaws onto another.

shift in consciousness – the global mass event in which individuals experience remembrance of essence. The frameworks for understanding and assisting individuals through this transition are being provided by Rose and other energy personality essences.

sonter – to breathe in your essence self in order to find your best, most authentic self in every moment. (See the Sonter (Breathe in Essence) practice).

soul – see essence.

teall – A combination of tell and teach. “Telling about your self is a way to teach others. You don’t need to be in charge, you only need to allow your best expressions to come out, then tell the world how you feal and what you think. It can make a huge difference in your world.”

theatrics – “The many ways that you block energy and provide more effort than required. By allowing the best way of spirit, you will allow more interest in satisfaction rather than theatrics. Theatrics are how you need to not get the way of spirit, for they will block in every way your best selves.” ~ Session 258, June 21, 2008

tome – a combination of time and OM (All-That-Is). It “includes both your sense of time and ours … you’ll find ways to combine both time and non-time together.”

Vespers – the critical, daily (preferably morning) practice of communication with essence. Vespers can help you through personal issues, to learn how to identify and allow your emerging abilities, and to help you find your bliss. (See the Vespers practice.)

wants – what your ego thinks will bring you happiness, which may or may not be a true desire.

way of spirit – the most fulfilling course for your life, guided by your intent. (See The Way of Spirit.)

works – creative expressions guided by your intent.

Youniverse – the combination of your ego, essence, and All That Is, which is here to remind you that you never have to feal alone.

weany girl/boy – “Weany girl is my name for Joanne, a loving term for my pet student, to remind her that she is learning to allow more of essence to come through, letting go of her habits and getting new habits, nunny pun intended.” Rose lovingly refers to Paul as weany boy.