Responding to Tragic World Events

The way of spirit for some individuals is loaded with the very things you see each day in the news: those making threats to one another, those taking aim at each other, those warring factions who incorporate suffering through their actions and others’. In all cases, there are ways to engage one another to benefit one another.

The path, therefore, leads you towards situations that help you let go of what you need to in order to achieve peace in your minds and hearts. The experiences will hold, in each case, value fulfillment for the individuals who draw themselves to it.

The way to view your current situation in the world is as a catastrophic situation for some. This is going to include more individuals each day as more and more are displaced by war, economic disaster, and suffering due to climate severity. They are crossing oceans to find safety. The evidence is in your news daily. Here is how to allow less suffering for yourself as well as to relieve the suffering of others.

  • Draw a circle around you to help you individually create more expectation of peacefulness. Treat each other with kindness each day. This ripples everywhere.
  • Next, draw a larger circle around your homes, treating yourselves to the kind of respite you need each day, free of fear. If you don’t have a secure home, find one. Treat those who live with you with the kindest expressions, too.
  • Next, draw a circle around your neighborhood. Treat each individual with kindness. Do your best to support those in your community. Find homes for those who need them.
  • Next, draw a bigger circle around your municipal government. Join in projects that support others. Join the ranks of governance officials: you’re needed in the world.
  • Next, draw a circle around your country. The circle can be large enough to accommodate those in your view who need your help. Let some individuals into your borders. Find them homes and jobs. You need immigrants to help you stay diverse and thriving.
  • Then, draw a circle around your planet. The people who need you the most live in other countries. Turn your best selves towards those who will do their best to defend against tyranny in each country that needs it. Then let the fascists go their way because as you can see from your news, those who stand up to fascists, dictators, and warlords do so for you as well.

The benefits of peaceful negotiations are many and these are always needed. However, keep in mind that the actions of those who are defending the sanctity of their peaceful nation are doing so through aggressive action, and this is needed sometimes. Realize you may need to do the kind of things they are doing in defense of yourselves and others who are persecuted. Gain strength through the actions of those individuals and let them guide you to where you need to be in your hearts by seeing them as comrades for justice. Go forth and be contrarily taking on injustice when you can because your very world depends on it.

About JoRose

Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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