About Rose

Rose describes herself as an energy personality essence—a multidimensional being who exists primarily outside our physical world of space and time. While we may consider her a singular personality and a “she”, Rose refers to “herself” as “we”—a vast, collective, gender-inclusive energy that you can think of as spirit, soul, inner self, greater self, or essence.

She also refers to herself as a Dreamwalkeran essence comprised of many essences who is directly involved with the creation and maintenance of physical reality. In practical terms, she is a spiritual teacher, and a part of each of us, as we are expressions of essence that include physical and nonphysical aspects of experience

Rose’s objective is to help us each realize our direct connection with our own essence—which she also refers to as our Personal God—by embracing our way of spirit, and in doing so, live the most fulfilling life possible.

To help us, she provides many teachings and practices that help us identify our unique, innate intentour essence’s design for expression—and cultivate habits that help us live our most blissful, purposeful life.

Rose has dictated a book, The Way of Spirit: Teachings of Rose to encapsulate her core teachings, and Let that Shit Go: Learn to Process Loss and Be Happy as a practical guide to dealing with small and big losses that we encounter every day.

Rose interacts through the very physical Joanne Helfrich (see About Joanne) through a bridge personality to express her highly informed perspective on the nature of reality. Because Rose is not Joanne’s essence, the interaction is sometimes referred to as an energy exchange, but the phenomenon is more widely known as channeling. Rose defines channeling as each person’s innate ability to accurately translate inner experience to outer experience through artistry, healing, and other natural, inspired acts that align with their intent.