There are many reasons to have a Rose session, and many topics to pursue. Here are some of them.

Need for clarity with regard to one’s passion and purpose. The families of intent information can greatly help individuals to focus on how to express their innate and individual reasons for being in the world. This often provides much clarity as well as “aha!” moments, and help individuals realize greater satisfaction in one’s work and play.

Identification of ways to enhance one’s personal practice or artistry. Artistic works–however you define them–are key to your ability to creatively pursue your way of spirit. The way we have of embracing the aspects of Selfhood in order to provide the best solutions to situations will help those with creative blockages or questions to go beyond their own undrstanding of selfhood into limitless areas of consciousness and helpfulness. 

Identification of core issues to clear the path of one’s happiness. The way of spirit helps individuals find their intent, but they often need help in identifying and addressing the core beliefs that impede one’s happiness. The healthy body, mind, and spiritual means of following one’s intent are brought into sharp perspective and can be addressed by the individual through the simple practices Rose has provided.

Spiritual crises. Many individuals living during this “time of shift” often neglect to focus on the spiritual aspects of the trauma they are undergoing. The spiritual crises that occur can be alleviated through a session with Rose. Often, the portrayal of the actual crisis can be shifted into something that the person can do or address in ways that are manageable, and the crisis is averted because of the empowerment that occurs as a result.

Other lifetime explorations. The many focuses of attention–or lifetimes–that each individual has support the learning process that we undertake as humans having a spiritual experience. Other-focus experiences can help uncover issues in ways that support the remembrance of unity and eternal life, as well as the themes that each individual soul has in exploring their intent. These can be especially fun in a group setting of trusting individuals.

Private sessions with Rose can be provided in person, or via phone or Zoom, and are 45-60 minutes in duration. You will receive an MP3 file of the session by email within 24 hours after the session. For more information, see: