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Grieving Injustice

How does one address and let go of injustice that can’t be resolved? The experiences can range from slights to terrible things, like my friend having a loved one murdered and the murderer going free. I understand that we move … Continue reading

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The Oscar Slap Can Help Us Learn How to Grieve

The sad fiasco of the 2022 Oscar awards relates directly to the grief process. “You have been taught only to win. Most people living in the so-called civilized parts of the world are so cut off from their sorrow they … Continue reading

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Growing Grownups

The path for many includes some degree of assistance from their parents, such as food, housing, money, and other gifts. These are all well and good as long as children are children, but in getting too much from parents, children … Continue reading

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Let Go of Clutter

I asked Rose, “How can I let go of clutter? I try to reuse, recycle, upcycle, and give away what I don’t need, but still feel bad when I can’t do it for everything… … even cardboard boxes?!” Rose responded … Continue reading

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