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The Oscar Slap Can Help Us Learn How to Grieve

The sad fiasco of the 2022 Oscar awards relates directly to the grief process. “You have been taught only to win. Most people living in the so-called civilized parts of the world are so cut off from their sorrow they … Continue reading

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Fine Wherever You Go: Anthony Bourdain Afterlife Interview

I’ve done work as a medium (and wrote a book, The Afterlife of J.D. Salinger: A Beautiful Message from Beyond) but don’t do it often. However, I felt very connected with Anthony Bourdain after his death, as many did, so … Continue reading

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The Pressures of Celebrity & The Purpose of Life

In her book, Let That Shit Go: Learn to Process Loss and Be Happy, Rose discusses what we may learn from the death of an actor or musician who dies suddenly of a drug overdose, the circumstances that may have influenced … Continue reading

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