Among Rose’s essential teachings, all of which are provided on this website, the most helpful are the tools, which are simple and incredibly helpful in helping us be who we want to be.

  • Find Your Intent – the families of intent information can help you discover the innate design for your creative expression and fulfillment.  It also helps to explain the amazing diversity and interdependencies of human expression and opportunities for fruitful collaboration in our world today. (read more)
  • Clear Your Path – simple yet effective practices and resources to help you identify and  address old beliefs and habits that no longer serve you.  (read more)
  • Be Who You Are – ways to incorporate your best self in communion with others, including online social sharing and ideas for finding community with like-minded individuals. (read more)
  • Orientations – the little-known but highly valuable typology of “language of perception” that helps explain why we sometimes perceive reality so differently.  (read more)
  • Practices – simple yet potent ways to change your life. Included are all of the practices given by Rose, including all of those published in The Way of Spirit: Teachings of Rose.  (read more)
  • 5 Simple Steps (From Negative Emotions to Enlightenment in 5 Simple Steps) – sadness, regret, anxiety, depression, etc., are all part of our experience, but if you think these are supposed to be the only way in which to live, you need ways to pull yourself from them. This will help you do that.  (read more)
  • Glossary – Rose’s most common concepts and neologisms (made-up words) intended to push our perceptions outside the box of conventional language patterns and belief systems.  (read more)