Breathe in Essence (Sonter)

While breathing would seem to not require instruction, your ego self needs to understand that breathing is not an intrusion into the body to keep it alive: it is a reminder that you are essence.  (See all Practices.)

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The best way to change your old habits is to breathe. We mean BREATHE. Breathing was intended to remind you in every moment of your days, in every moment of your lives, sometimes beyond your lives, that we essences are in your selves in every way. You may imagine breathing a reminder that although you are physical, you are intimately connected with your invisible world.

There is no separation from essence, ever. The separation was created in order to allow you to explore your physical reality. The way you often think of your physical reality is in materialistic ways, but this is an illusion.

Consider that you are comprised of cells that are materially empty. The atoms that make up your buildings and even your simple constructions are empty in terms of physicality. But there is no emptiness, only consciousness. When you breathe in essence, you fully impress upon every cell in your bodies, in every single millisecond of your days, that you are a divine creation made up of “empty” essence, sontering your way through your Universe.

When you sense your breath as a form of consciousness and not an intrusion, you may relax into your breathing as a beautiful reminder that you are essence, you breathe essence, and all of your creation is exactly as your essence co-creates it with you. We suggest you continue to breathe in your essence in a beautiful and joyous manner, for you are very important and loving individuals who are intimately part of your world in ways you can only imagine! And when you do, realize we essences breathe you, too, as do the many beautiful potentials who call you to them in loving ways.

So breathe, beautiful creatures, BREATHE!