Rest in Rose

To meditate is to relax into a state in which you deeply experience the fealing tone of essence. The experience may be subtle or profound, and will involve emotion only when you are starting out and need assurance that essence is with you. There’s no way to do this incorrectly. This practice builds on your familiarity with the fealing tone of Rose—which you have experienced by reading this book—to help you connect with your own essence.  (See all Practices.)

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Take a few deep breaths—sonter—and rest in the beautiful, loving sunshine of essence. When thoughts enter your mind, let them pass like clouds in the sky and return your focus to your breath.

Now, imagine yourself enfolded in Rose’s loving arms. You might sense yourself resting in the petals of the softest, deepest, and most beautifully scented rose you can imagine. Rose’s fealing tone, and your own essence’s fealing tone, will be divinely, deliciously senxual. Enjoy this fealing for as long as you’d like.

Next, ask your essence self to speak with you through his or her fealing tone. Your essence may present thoughts, words or images to help you move into that developing space. With practice, the space will become clear and you will be able to move directly into it.

Maintain the state for as long as you can. Engaging essence in this way is very beneficial to your body, mind and spirit.

We suggest doing this practice whenever you can for whatever length of time is available to you. To return to the meditative state throughout your day, just take a few moments to breathe and remind yourself that we are always here for you. Come back to this place whenever you feal the need to speak to us, or to realize rest and loving kindness.

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