Practices are small, regular actions that help you change in ways you need to. When they become habits, they will transform your life.

The Core 4

These simple practices will produce big results and serve as foundations for additional life-changing practices.

Rest in Rose (Meditation) – If you already have a meditative practice, great. This is a simple meditative practice to feal (feel in real ways) your direct connection with essence with Rose’s assistance. (read more)

Breathe in Essence (Sonter) – “When you are sensing your breath as a form of consciousness, and not an intrusion, you may begin to relax into your breathing as a beautiful reminder that you are essence, you breathe essence, and all of your creation is exactly as your essence co-creates it with you.” (read more)

Access Alternatives  – A “method of equalizing expectations in order to be aware of alternate information, providing the best of all possible worlds, in a sense. This exercise is a way to access alternatives to your current internal information so as to allow you to be aware of additional probabilities that would be more fulfilling of your desires.” (read more)

Address Your Beliefs (IDEA)  This practice builds on the Access Alternatives practice to identify and address your shadow. (read more)

And More

Address and Release Your Fears helps you identify what you need to address that is in your control,take action to address it, and let go of your fear and anxiety. (read more)

Dream Practice – The dream practices helps you connect directly with your essence in extraordinary ways. (read more)

Evening Prayer – Prayers done before sleep help you collapse the day’s events, calm your mind, and lull you into the dream space where you will obtain specific help from essence. This is especially powerful when combined with the Dream Practice (above) and Vespers (below). (read more)

Vespers  – The critical, daily practice of communicating with essence. Vespers can help you through personal issues, to identify and allow your emerging abilities, and to help you live your bliss. (read more)

Access Alternatives II  – “…allow yourself to incorporate many more future possibilities that you would find fulfilling… more than you’ve ever dreamed of!” (read more)

Find Your Passions in The Kindergarten of Your Mind – “The most important thing you can do for yourselves and your world is to take note of your passions and allow them to flourish, but first you must determine what they are. …we suggest you to interest yourselves in being back in kindergarten, for the way you interested yourselves in your schooling was in every way like your learning how to connect with essence.” (read more)

Incorporate Rose Energetically – “We are the servants of you, not the servants of ourselves, and we trust that exactly what you desire will indeed be your most beautiful expressions. …trust that the way of spirit will indeed be an enormously pleasurable one.” (read more)