Address and Release Your Fears

This practice builds on the Access Alternatives practice to identify and address your fears.  (See all Practices.)

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When you encounter a fear, imagine it is a friend who is trying to help you by bringing an issue into your awareness. If you are going over and over the same thoughts, there is an underlying fear that you need to address.

If the fear indicates something that is not in your control, it is because of your ego’s insecurity that it is not getting what it wants. In this case, remind yourself that your essence self, not your ego self, is ultimately in charge and ask essence for help. If the fear indicates something that is in your control, take the actions you need to address it. Then thank your fears for their help, and let them go on their way.

For example, say you fear that an event the following day may not go well. Is there something in your control that you can do? Might you prepare for it in a way you hadn’t considered before? If so, do so. If not, you might ask essence to help make the day to go well, or to help you enjoy the day no matter what.

Another example: you may fear that global warming will doom the planet and its inhabitants. Since this is not completely in your control, you can request that essence assist, then “let go, let God”. You may also identify things that are in your control. Taking action to do these things—such as living in ways that are harmonious with the earth’s ecosystem—will give you peace of mind that you are doing what you can.

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