5 Simple Steps

From Negative Emotions to Enlightenment in 5 Simple Steps

The way to get from sadness, anxiety, depression, somberness, sadness, and any number of negative emotions or fealings has to do with your realization they are only supposed to be temporary. Sadness, regret, etc., are all part of your experience. There is nothing wrong with them. But when you are feeling trapped, mistakenly thinking these are supposed to be the only way in which to live, you need ways to pull yourself from them.

There are five simple steps you can take to move from the depths of negative emotions into enlightenment, for it is enlightenment – the fealings of joy, bliss, as well as love in each moment – that is going to help you. Not anything less will do.

1. Begin with where you’re at. The means to get from there to fealings of joy have to do with acknowledging that you’re in need. The enlightened state acknowledges there’s sometimes going to be darkness, so don’t wrong on yourself: there are reasons for doing exactly what you’re doing. The world is a difficult place to be sometimes. You’re not expected to do everything perfectly. So for the moment just say to yourself “I’m not wrong for doing anything. I’m only trying to do my best. I don’t need to feel that I’m perfect. I accept that I will be not perfect sometimes. I am learning how to live as best I can. I am human, that’s all.”

2. You may feel as though the judgment of actions – either of yours or others – is getting in the way of your letting go of whatever it is you are trying to let go of. The way to consider judgment by others of something that you did is this: they can’t know all there is to know about you or why you did a certain thing or didn’t do something right, in their estimation. The same goes for you: you cannot fully, competently judge the actions of another. There is always something to be learned about the situation that you cannot know, nor should you. So in judging anything, realize there’s much more to this than you know. The venture involved is deep, multifaceted, and eternal in the sense of profundity, as is everyone who ever lived.

3. Repeat after us: “I’m not sure why this is happening, but I know there is reason for it. There is something that is planned in the big scheme of things that needs to include this experience for me. I can rest assured knowing that in the big scheme of things, I’m okay doing exactly what I’m doing and do not need to fear that I’m out of balance somehow. I just don’t know why it’s happening. But I trust that there’s reason for it.”

4. Realize there are many joyous things going on right now inside of you as well as around you. Tune into these things to bring you fealings of safety, comfort, and joy. There’s not any reason to look very far for these things. It may be the simple joy of having a warm spot to lie down at night. Realize how blessed you are to have these things as well as people in your world who care about you, even if they are not near you. Realize that in your Divine nature is the truth of your being: the very important understanding that you are glorious as well as loved.

5. Rest in this knowledge. Settle back into your armchair or bed and realize how very loved you are in every way – body, soul, spirit, mind – all the parts of you are beautiful to us Divine beings. Enjoy the pleasant feelings of knowing that you are perfect as well as loved. Notice the feelings pulsing through your body. This is the Divine you’re experiencing. Is there anything that is more important than this feeling? Nothing, indeed, at all. Go forth in your day carrying this beautiful feeling. When you get down, know that you can access this state any time you want to.