Healing in the Afterlife

I was asked to provide more information about what the healing process is like in the afterlife. The content here was authored by the Committee, the group of energies who facilitated the transmission of my book, Afterlives: Firsthand Accounts of Twenty Notable People (view on Amazon). In it, the authors’ accounts are provided by their higher selves who have more informed perspectives than their physical selves, having gone through healing processes in their immediate afterlives.

The purpose for healing in the immediate afterlife is to ensure the next phase will be the same kind of experience we portray in the authors’ accounts. The path for some will be through the kinds of facilities described: the sanitarium Jane Roberts envisioned in her afterlife, the kind of “rehab place” Bourdain mentions, the sorts of healing centers persons who are transitioning would imagine as the places they would go. These will be the same in their appearances, perhaps, as they would in your physical reality. However the introduction of different kinds of experiences will be part of the healing. While some experiences will not always be pleasant, they will, however, be necessary, and will be introduced slowly so as to not cause more trauma. The world has given you enough trauma. These areas of healing will not add to the trauma, they will relieve it.

Some tools are similar to those in physical reality, and some are not

The way to consider the traumatic experiences in life are as the sorts of intrusions into one’s pleasant spaces that require more consideration and tools that you find in your world sometimes. These require infinite measures of compassion, infinite measures of allowance for a variety of experiences, and infinite measures of wisdom with regard to understanding each experience in its rightful context. The provisions for these are met by each of the individuals’ other focuses of attention [e.g. “lifetimes”], all required to participate in some way or another.

This is directed by one’s own essence—the soul of each individual—who is another form of these focuses rolled up together to create a gestalt of consciousness, informed by the focuses of attention themselves. These include past, future, and probable selves as well. So the soul of each individual is highly informed, highly adjudicative of each person in ways that are infinitely wise, merciful, and compassionate. The soul, therefore, is the thing, and the healing institutions are merely guises for the path of healing that occurs in the afterlife.

The transmission of knowledge is telepathic

The transmission of knowledge to aid in the establishment of the next phase in the afterlife is slowly provided telepathically, meaning there will be words at times, but these will be known rather than sounded out. There could be a lecture, for example, where the speaker is telepathically heard, the sound not necessarily being conducted “through the air,” in a sense. There could be meetings with those who were involved in experiences with the person in transition. There would be memories shared.

The best way we can think of to describe this is that every experience that the person in transition can have to help them along, they will. This can also be sexual in nature, as many individuals need healing this way. The regard for others is something that’s indicated in many types of afterlife transition, meaning how one regards others is brought into play, sometimes being reenacted from the physical lifetime experiences one needs to have faced differently. The urges that one has while physical may be changed upon one experience, which leads to another kind of experience, etc., all for the experience of healing.

The path will be different for everyone

So the path will be different for everyone. However, the ways of healing will be basically the same as you have here in physical reality. They are the acknowledgement that you create your own reality, that you have experiences for the pleasure of life as well as the purpose of one’s soul, that you acquire different abilities in order to satisfy one’s own sense of selfhood. The irresponsibility of some will need to be addressed in ways that help them understand the purpose of congeniality and responsibility for others, etc.

These are the same kinds of things you face while physical. So to say this is different isn’t quite accurate: this is more of an altered state where the things in life that shape you do so in ways that will always be optimal with regard to your entering into the state of grace, you might say, that the authors of the book have achieved.

What healing can we do now, while we’re physical?

So we think the best things to do now, while you’re physical, are to do exactly the same things you may already be doing:

  • Meditating
  • Examining your beliefs to see what is worthy of allowing, or of update
  • Indicating to yourself what you need to grieve and allowing the healing and growth that results
  • Showing concern, helpfulness, and compassion for your fellow creatures
  • Having a comfortable home that you can be yourself in
  • Doing the kinds of artistic things you love doing
  • Expressing what you can for the betterment of the world

And above all, loving yourself so much that you allow yourself the forgiveness of your past mistakes and notice how beautiful you have been along the way, in spite of your supposed misguided ways. The path includes all your former selves, so enjoy knowing that the past has been exactly it should be, as have you.  

These are all standard experiences in the human experience, and you have all the best kinds of helpers to move you along your path here as well as well as in the afterlife. We want to assure you the path will be fine for you as well as everyone who ever lived.

What exactly do you mean by healing? What is being healed?

The healing that occurs in the afterlife is similar to the healing that occurs in physical reality through techniques such as hypnotherapy, hallucinogenic experiences brought about through the use of guided psychedelic medicine trips, and the kinds of deep intuitional adjustments to the psyche that require assistance from inner or outer guides. While these will be similar to what you have here in physical reality, some will be much different.

For example, the kinds of sinful, apocalyptic, or other hellish kinds of experiences required to rid the psyche of nonhelpful realms of understanding, in a sense, will be provided without requiring the person to provide the request. This is brought about by the contents of the psyche that pertain to the set of beliefs that the person held in physical reality. So these dramas do occur, too, though they are not necessary. The way to consider these afterlife dramas is as necessary to incorporating some of the spiritual elements in ways that pertain to the belief structures of the individual.

The medicine, therefore, can be potent. However these are not, as we said, typical.

The psyche heals, and the rest follows

What’s more typical is the psyche declines these sorts of medicinal paths in favor of those that are more pleasant, like the kinds of rehabilitation centers they would most be familiar with in physical reality. This is to help calm the psyche to ensure its transition is without any substitutes for the truth of reality in the next realm, which is not the same as the pertinent dramas we discussed earlier.

The way to consider afterlife healing, therefore, is as psychological in every respect. The psyche heals, the astral or afterlife body will heal as a result, as will the emotions. The clutter of thinking will subside as well as the wrongs and rights of the world, which fold themselves into more of a comprehensive view of reality that encourages the participant to let go of their understanding for a greater one: an energetic kind of transmission with all things that includes the basic understanding that all is well, all is healed, all is loved. This is a basic understanding that transpires in the healing state during afterlife transition that acquires, as a result, the calm and certainty that love truly is the basis of all reality.

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