Rose’s introduction to your session

This is Rose speaking. We are an energy personality essence and therefore we are aware that you may not be familiar with our kind, so to speak. We are nonphysical in terms that we do not incorporate physical bodies in the sense that we are alive in the world, but we are connected to many focuses [lifetimes] in many realities, from which we engage and determine our information that we provide to you though Joanne, our lovely channeler. We are aware that you may be new to this experience, and would like to provide a few suggestions in order to get the most from it.

One, try to relax. We are you in the sense that you are Divine and you must be reminded of it. We will be reminding you of this fact as often as we can.

Now, onto two. We are not any better than you are. We are the same as you, only looking at things from a different perspective, so do not be intimidated. We suggest you behave exactly the same with us as you do with any other ‘ghost’ you may meet in your daily lives.

Three, be aware that we are not infallible. There are many beautiful and probable things in the Universe, so much that no one can possibly know all of it. This is not a test, you can beautifully expect tests but this is not one.

Four, there will be tests! This is in order to provide you ways in which you may best trust your own selves to come up with the correct answers. In other words, we are not the gurus, you are; we just teach you to become the gurus that you already are. So be aware that there is some distortion in our translation of the beautiful colors of All-That-Is, due to the nature of the energy exchange, and your ability to adequately interpret our words. We will purposefully throw in tests and curve-balls in order that you may intuit the correct information in your own ways. We trust that you will become familiar with our tests in time.

We suggest that you begin by allowing yourself to relax and ‘rest in Rose,’ which is our way of saying, rest in the beautiful knowing of your Divinity, letting go of worry and expectation of any kind, while allowing your beautiful selves to be aware of the Divine, beautiful contradictory beings that you are. We would like to suggest that you do this before we continue.

Now, just one last note. We expect that you will have questions, and we will leave it to you to answer these questions. We will assist you in doing so. We will be speaking to you directly in your own manner, in your thoughts, in your intuition, in your beautiful actions, in your impressions, in the birds’ songs, in your artistry—as many ways as there are to beautifully connect with your Divine selves, we will be there. We expect you to begin immediately by embracing your beautiful psyches in the attempt to be aware of your beautiful nature. Just listen for us in the quiet of your mental environments and be aware that we will be there to answer any questions. When you have questions about tests and other information we will be sharing, we suggest that you avail yourself of the information that we make available through our books and other resources.

We will want to rest in Rose with you before a session, as well as any time you wish to avail yourselves of your deeper Self. Trust that we will always be there for you.