Grieving Injustice

How does one address and let go of injustice that can’t be resolved? The experiences can range from slights to terrible things, like my friend having a loved one murdered and the murderer going free. I understand that we move through grief by discovering our desires, like finding justice in other ways, e.g. helping others not be bullied. But letting go of injustice can be really difficult. Is it a matter of not getting what we want? Are there ways to move through this kind of grief and find other kinds of desires?

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Healing in the Afterlife

I was asked to provide more information about what the healing process is like in the afterlife. The content here was authored by the Committee, the group of energies who facilitated the transmission of my book, Afterlives: Firsthand Accounts of Twenty Notable People (view on Amazon). In it, the authors’ accounts are provided by their higher selves who have more informed perspectives than their physical selves, having gone through healing processes in their immediate afterlives.

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Healing Mental Illness: Mania

Drugs that treat mental illness are designed to relieve suffering. The cure relies on inner work.

Rose provides guidance on how to do the inner work in The Way of Spirit and Let That Shit Go, and practices  provided on this website (Tools > Practices).

Here are ways to address a specific mental illness—Mania.

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The Oscar Slap Can Help Us Learn How to Grieve

The sad fiasco of the 2022 Oscar awards relates directly to the grief process. “You have been taught only to win. Most people living in the so-called civilized parts of the world are so cut off from their sorrow they don’t know what to do except to medicate themselves.”

1) Acknowledge your loss. Don’t brush it off. Large or small, you’ve lost something you value. In this case, it could be friendship, respect of your colleagues, or damage to your image as a celebrity or role model.

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Responding to Tragic World Events

The way of spirit for some individuals is loaded with the very things you see each day in the news: those making threats to one another, those taking aim at each other, those warring factions who incorporate suffering through their actions and others’. In all cases, there are ways to engage one another to benefit one another.

The path, therefore, leads you towards situations that help you let go of what you need to in order to achieve peace in your minds and hearts. The experiences will hold, in each case, value fulfillment for the individuals who draw themselves to it.

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