Healing Mental Illness: Mania

Drugs that treat mental illness are designed to relieve suffering. The cure relies on inner work.

Rose provides guidance on how to do the inner work in The Way of Spirit and Let That Shit Go, and practices  provided on this website (Tools > Practices).

Here are ways to address a specific mental illness—Mania.

Symptoms of mania might include elevated self-esteem, decreased need for sleep, being more talkative than usual, subjective experiences in which ideas and thoughts are racing, distractibility, increase in goal-directed activity (e.g. socially, at work or school, or sexually), and excessive involvement in activities that have a high potential for painful consequences (e.g., engaging in unrestrained buying sprees, sexual indiscretions, or foolish business investments).

Perceptions are always related to how each person is adequately prepared for life or not. The path for some is to reject common sense kinds of advice for the sorts of childish pursuits they don’t need or bring them fulfillment. The manic person is therefore a sort of childlike person, who may not be a child, who in any case depends on external stimulation to feel fulfilled. In this, manic depressives find strength in determining the course of their life through the kinds of practices given to them by spiritual sources, and the kinds of educations required to achieve happy, healthy adulthood.

Mania: Irresponsibility + Pursuit of wants instead of desires

The way to see mania in general is as irresponsibility combined with a desire to act out because the pursuits of life are not what they want them to be. The way towards health, therefore, is a combination of stoking beliefs that:

  • the responsibility for having a happy life sits solely on the shoulders of each individual,
  • gaining what one wants is not the answer to the situation,
  • the individual’s desires and needs require definition and action,
  • addiction is a necessary path towards articulating where those wants are not being addressed (and meant to be temporary), and
  • the changes required need some degree of insights brought about by one’s greater Self, the self that guides, heals, and protects each individual.

The mania is, therefore, a call towards spiritual beliefs that are properly guided towards health, and the daily practices required to pull one towards the kinds of everyday, love-filled experiences one requires in life.

Manic behavior is often rewarded

To some people, these are not ideal kinds of habits, this persistence of mania in the form of excitability and so on. To some, these are the kinds of habits that are often rewarded in life. They are the kinds of sometimes terrible acts based on a weird connection with one’s greater Self without any of the direction, and the kind of habits that lack compassion for self and others, in the quest of feeling better about oneself.

This is in every way endemic in your world, with the sorts of rewards being legislated protections for those who act out towards others, the kinds of silly manic TikTok-led habits that bring nothing except attention, usually, and the overconsumption of products. In each case, the wants are realized without any desires or needs being met.

The path is purposeful—so you can work towards greater consciousness

This is why you’ve chosen to be alive this time. During the previous lifetimes, you’ve needed to be whole in ways that allowed you full access to physical and spiritual guides. Now, you don’t have those guides clearly defined. The world is embraced in a terrible conflict of thoughts and ideas that don’t suit you. This is for your purposes as souls in process. However, the future requires the shift to be expressed through the consciousness you’re working towards now.

Realize that anybody who has these sorts of mental issues can change to the point of directing their lives towards goodness, toward beauty, and towards the kind of grace-filled lifetime you so desperately want to see in the world. Do this by making your wants the ones that are worthy of you. Not the silly stuff, but the kind of desires you need to be fully alive—love, friendship, purposeful work, and the kinds of service to others you find fun. So do so.

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Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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