“Well, Rose simply blew my mind. I’ve had a few readings in my life, but had never experienced what I did with Rose. She made the most astonishing revelation regarding my path in life, in light of which I will have to reassess all of my past and my present, and steer my future in a direction I’d never even thought of before. I was in denial of this aspect of life due to a lot of trauma, and now, suddenly, not only do I not want to run from it, I feel inspired to expand into it! I am sure the reading is not ‘just’ a reading; it is an energy transmission, too. I am certain Rose was transfusing healing and inspirational energy into me during our talk. I literally feel different since we spoke a few days ago, and I am sure I’ll be able to recapture the feeling every time I listen to the recording. And it turns out that Rose had been speaking to me for a long time – perhaps she is speaking to many of us without us being consciously aware of it. I am amazed and utterly grateful; the reading may well have changed my life forever. It very much feels like a turning point. God bless Jo’s wonderful channelling gift and Rose’s deep compassion and total clarity. Thank you Rose, thank you Jo. I love you!” – Marta

“I can’t thank you enough and tell you what an impact your reading for my mother had on me. I have had a few psychics reach out to communicate and tune into her, and your reading had the most potent accuracy and energetic affect for me. There were interesting things, like how you started out saying something about it being wonderful to gather and have the opportunity which she was known for saying, ‘Isn’t it wonderful?’ and also you spoke of her being in the realm of Atha, which as you said may sound like a peculiar word, but actually it was a very significant word for her, being that it is the first word of the Yoga Sutras which was her last project before departing this earth, to write a magnum opus on the Yoga Sutras. And it means ‘Now,’ so she is saying she is in the realm of the power of now. After we listened to your reading, something fell off a shelf that had only a few books on that particular shelf, two of those books were the books she wrote on the yoga sutras. That night we went to dinner and very much felt her presence with us. I cried and cried through your reading both times I’ve listened to it and intend to keep listening as a way to process, remember and reconnect. You have given me such a gift, thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Mira

“Words can’t express enough right now how happy, grateful for you I am for taking your time and talking to me! Thank you Rose!!! It feels like my inner compass is aligned with my inner peace and trust and the misty fog disappeared in favour of blue sky. First time in my life I know what to do and that make a COMPLETE sense to me. How great is that! Thank you so much!” – Natasha

“When I had my first session with Rose I was in a state of transition – very confused about the expansion of my awareness. I expected and wanted an explanation for the difficult experiences I was going through at that time. When she spoke I was mostly ‘Huh?’, feeling as if few of the experiences I wanted information on was being explained in ways that I understood. Looking back I now see how Rose dealt with the situation. In my understanding, she spoke of my future probabilities, and as time went by, Rose continued to be present with me, teaching me about everything she helped me with during the session. Six months on and I am still learning from that one session! It’s quite amazing!” – Rene

“…incredibly powerful and resonating at a most profound level, yet within easy reach at the same time.” – Mark

“I’ve read and studied quite a bit of channeled material from Alice Bailey, Edgar Cayce, Patience Worth, Course in Miracles, Seth and Elias. What I experience with Rose is in continuity with these but also offering something unique and distinct. I think it’s very important work you are doing and information you are offering.” – Mark

“What a wonderful inspiring reading. …I love Rose’s energy and her contradictions. Contradictions have been highlighted in my life and it has helped me relax and allow for the expansion needed to be flexible. Thank you so much for sharing this!!” – Ester

“I like the new words… sontering, senxuality… the way they encapsulate the idea in a word, a new word, easier somehow…. Just wanted to say thanks, I appreciate it, it is helpful, and feels ‘good’ (for want of a ‘better’ word… and looking forward to more.” – Marcos

“Thanks a billion! Great stuff unfolding already.” – James

“…I am enjoying the ‘direct’ style of Rose…” – Lisa

“Wow, Rose! What a gorgeous, inspiring bunch of ideas. Much love and thanks!” – John

“I just LOVE Rose!!” – Tracy