Afterlives Conversation with George Harrison (attrib.)

Enjoy this excerpt from Afterlives: Firsthand Accounts of Twenty Notable People, in which I requested a conversation with George Harrison. He’d been in my mind, as he’d been a student of Yogananda, who I channeled shortly before (and is included in Afterlives). George believed in the afterlife, saying, “The living thing that goes on, always has been, always will be. I am not really George, but I happen to be in this body.”

The way I see things now, away from the physical world, is that I hadn’t really caught onto what others were saying about this kind of psychic ability [mediumship]. The reason I didn’t really care for it while physical was that it really didn’t tell me much more than I knew when I was doing things like tripping or meditating. As I was very physically present, perhaps, I didn’t need to feel like the physical plane could be any more infused with spirit, without needing, for example, to talk to a dead auntie.

The way I went about living in this world you’re in now and I’m not now was that I wasn’t really needing anything except myself, in a sense. I had a very wide experience in alternative consciousness, as I said, and therefore felt like I was in many ways always being attended to. The reason I say this is because this is new to me, this kind of psychic connection, this kind of writing, which I think is very wonderful.

So I’ll continue a bit without needing to talk much about my experiences while on the planet, since these have been covered in great depth, too much for my taste, if you ask me. However, I will shed some light, perhaps, on who I was then, and who I am now, which is a different kind of George than I was when I was physical.

I had a very unique life, full of great ups and great downs. Mostly things were up. The path I took was wonderful, full of wonderful friends, lovers, quite many of each, and I had wealth and fame, too. The classic hero worship was very big when I was alive, however. I didn’t like it much.

Having said that, fame is not what you might think it is. It helps you as you begin to be an artist or what have you. However, it doesn’t really help you when you get famous. I would warn everybody now to not worry too much about fame because it’s really overrated. I was not pushing my way to the top, so this was something that I was spared. However, I would not have wanted the fame if I could have just had the life I had, which of course wasn’t happening.

The beauty of the world is something that I treasured, especially with the kinds of homes I lived in. I loved the homes I lived in, all of them, even those that were not as fancy or what have you. The home is where the heart is, and I believe this is true. To that end, I’ve endured a lot of suffering even in my homes, so these are not necessarily needing to be perfect all the time, but they do provide wonderful spaces for living one’s life.

I can’t say enough about finding a home you can live in without caring too much about safety. This was something that was a terror in my life. I was constantly doubting the safety in my home, and this turned into a nightmare. One evening when I was sleeping, I was attacked by a terribly fucked up person who had it in his mind to kill me. This was the result of another kind of fear that I’ve had to work on here, which was a fear of others doing exactly that, that was conjured up as an experience to help me get past the fear.[1]

However, I wasn’t about to do this while I was alive. I had to move many miles away to get refuge and, even then, was constantly at odds with our neighbors. This was something I would have done differently had I known that I was going to be okay without needing to worry so much.

Seeing this differently has helped me and was something that I was able to push past in my afterlife. I was able to heal through this experience when I was physical to some degree. However, most of my healing has been since I have been nonphysical. I learned that to be in the world means to be in the world without trying to escape from it, and this was how I was able to realize passage into the heavens, you might call it.

Here I’m doing what I did when physical. I’m eating, sleeping, having encounters with those of the opposite sex, and everything musical that I did when physical, I’m doing here too. Now there are brighter lights and more colors, maybe. However, this is very much like my tripping feeling sense, a sort of nonphysical world of love and precious thoughts that are mainly helping everybody around here. Precious thoughts of loving intention are always here, always precious, always fully wonderful.

I have everything I need without needing anything that’s urgent. I have everything I need without feeling I’m being instructed to do anything differently, or to feel that others are suffering as a result of my grace-filled home. I have whatever I need without feeling like it’s going to be taken away or anything like that, the kinds of thing you might feel when you’re alive in the physical world.

The rewards of meditation are great, it still helps me every day. The kinds of breathing techniques I learned are ones I do now. I have many friends here and I live for love only. That’s all I do every day—live for love—which takes the form of music, mostly, and sensual pleasures. The many ways I had of getting inspired are the same ways I have now of doing the same thing.

There’s not that much difference, really, between my world and yours, especially if you meditate. This is something that I swear by still and always will. So if you don’t meditate yet, you really ought to consider it. This will help you with everything your life, your music, or whatever art you do, and with everybody around you, too. So that’s all I will say, because this is entirely up to you. However, I have to say what is on my mind and that is that more people should be meditating. You will create a better world if you have the ability.

So I will not tarry with that any more. The reason I say “tarry with that” is because life really doesn’t require anything that you don’t want to be doing. Without the impulse to create, though, you will be missing out on a lot. So meditate and create. Those are the only two words of advice will give you.

The pleasure trips I had were famous, so I won’t bore you with those. I had a lot of supercharged realizations through what I called my spiritual religious path, which was neither and both at the same time. The works of Paramahansa Yogananda and the many masters I was able to learn from indirectly and directly will be found in the future, I predict, to be the most inviting and helpful paths towards happiness. These teachers have more to them than anything I’ve ever come across, and will be likely the best teachers for you, too.

I have many reasons for saying this. One, they are accessible to all. Two, they have enormous gifts of relating the most wonderful stories and teachings. Three, they take the learner into the kinds of places you need to be, which in my view are to be present in each moment as best as you possibly can.

This is the best path for many of you, as it was for me. I can see from here that in the future more of you will be impressing upon yourself the need to be fully engaged in a spiritual practice, and these will be the best teachers you could ever ask for.

I have a lot of wonderful memories from my world—my physical world—that I lived in. These memories have cast themselves into my present situation with the kind of loving intention I was telling you about earlier. The many people I loved are here with me now, even though they are still physical. So I’ve been able to accommodate a kind of thrilling ability to realize them now, in my home space that I have here. I have the ability to see my friends, my wife, my son, and everyone whenever I want. This doesn’t mean they are anywhere near being nonphysical. It’s more of an actual time tripping thing they do when they are fully realizing me in their thoughts.

You do this, too. You have the kinds of abilities to project yourselves into all kinds of spaces which haven’t at all been fully made nonphysical. There are many kinds of self-projections, I’ll call them, that have the wonderful ability to help people connect from anywhere. In fact, this is a good example. I’m not in any way familiar with this woman who is meeting me in this self-projection space, and now we’re meeting and having a conversation about my life now.

What if you could do this too? What if you could have a space where you were able to connect with anybody you wanted to? It’s entirely possible, and I’m here to tell you—go for it—because you will love this kind of playful spiritual path that for me was so much fun and still is.

I want to say one more thing and that is that you have some massive problems now which need solving, and it won’t happen unless you find a way to work with others in the world, to serve the planet in the way you need to. I’m not saying to join a band and hold concerts, because that’s not something most people can do. I’m saying find people you can have fun with while helping others. This is going to be so important in the coming years that I can’t say this strongly enough. The purpose of life is to enjoy it, yes. However, there are many people in terrible situations that you need to help. Find a way to do that.

For more ofthis chapter, including comments about his relationship with John Lennon in the afterlife, get the book: Afterlives: Firsthand Accounts of Twenty Notable People.

[1] According to many afterlife reports, personalized experiences are provided to help individuals through the process of becoming nonphysical. Salinger describes his experiences in The Afterlife of J.D. Salinger.

[2] In 1968, George said, “You go on being reincarnated until you reach the actual Truth. Heaven and Hell are just a state of mind. We are all here to become Christ-like. The actual world is an illusion.”

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