It’s About Time

Many thanks to Richard Clarke for writing this summary about time and “no time”… it helped me kind of understand it! It includes quotes from the Seth Material channeled by Jane Roberts.

This is my current comprehension about “Time.” This might seem obvious to some and maybe helpful to others grappling with the concepts of no time and spacious present. It’s become obvious to me that ALL “Time” is psychological. In that I mean all experienced reality is a psychological stance.

Seth’s Psy-time

Seth was a great proponent of us practicing what he termed psychological time which in many respects is akin to what is broadly called meditation. The aim of both is basically tuning out focus on the materialized reality we are inherently born into perceiving and allow what Seth termed our inner senses to activate and perceive “time” in a different context. This also happens when dreaming, when obviously the outer senses are turned off and the inner senses take over.

It’s not that past, present, and future don’t exist—they actually do but only from the standpoint of your present psychic outlook. In more expansive terms, all those categories already exist. Like the analogies of the book,

If you think in conventional terms about reincarnation, then you might examine a book in which each page is a life. You read the book from the beginning, so you think of one life or page following another. You should be able to see that the entire book exists at once. […] — The “Unknown” Reality Volume 2 Section 6: Session 728, January 8, 1975

The distance between one life and another exists psychologically, and not in terms of years or centuries. The psychological distance, however, can be far more vast. There are certain lives, as there are certain events in this life, that you may not want to face or deal with. There may be great temperamental difficulties in some cases, between your personality in one given life and another — so that your present self simply could not relate to the other’s experience. — Seth Speaks Session 595

It’s About Time!!

It’s not that “time” does not exist, there was or is a “time” when you got up this morning and a “time” you left the house. It’s the creative expansion of moments. Time exists as a psychological experience. Spring time, autumn, winter are “natural” times in that they spring out from deep underlying psychic blueprints that all consciousness manifesting in this realm take on. Behind the linear psychic experience of successive moments is the point that all “time” is psychological. We can measure the distance between them in millennium as we do, and it’s vast, but closer to the underlying make up of reality. The vastness is one of psychological focus and conscious comprehension

The earth-tuned consciousness must deal within the space-time context, for only inside this framework can it clearly perceive events. In the dream state consciousness ignores space-time relationships to a large degree, and yet it is still firmly based upon the body’s corporeal mechanism. — The Nature of Personal Reality Chapter 20: Session 671, June 21, 1973

Cause and effect are a localised reality, for time is generally perceived in a psychological linear fashion. History is testament to that. Psychological time is far more vast and diverse than any traditional sense of historical time, but also the “distance” between psychological stances of, say, the average human focus and the likes of entities akin to Seth is vast.

However, let’s not forget that vast as that psyche stance of, say, Seth 2 is, it apparently has yet to perceive the even vaster gestalt which birthed it but which senses must exist. The psyche of the cave man and the space man are two apertures of the same being.

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