The Divine Feminine, Women, and Policing in Love

banwhalingWhen we last spoke about the Divine Feminine, we were saying that love really does rule. It has meaning, it has value, it has reason to be, and indeed has been forever the founding energy of all of life, here and beyond. The purpose of love, therefore, is to move mountains when the mountains are not allowing access to what is truly needed in the world, which is care for your huddled masses—your freedom fighters, too—all of which go under the blanket of care when love rules.

Now this may sound like a contradiction. How does someone love the Taliban, for example, when love concerns itself with care for others and they do not care for others? In fact, they do the very opposite of care for others, which is persecute others. This is because love works in ways that incorporate pressure on those who do not want peace for others. They need to be sat on sometimes, or what we call policing in love.

Now, when you consider how love includes the policing that individuals need in order to  be having the best lives, you can see how very narrow your definition of care is if you only include care as a means to stoke nurturing, or some other means that may include actually mollycoddling somebody. However, this is not the definition of love that Rose’s suggestion of policing in love would typify. In fact, Rose’s definition of love would be allowing others to enjoy the response-ability for their actions.

In other words, you need to allow people to enjoy the benefits of their actions, right or wrong. If there’s reason to believe you’ve violated someone, there’s reason to have someone—sometimes your greater self—tell you if there’s something you need to do to change your behaviors and sometimes make amends.

The point here is this—love is very strong, not weak—and you need to get past the idea that love is something that is only for comforting, when in reality, love is something that you need to take on bullies.

Now in our last book, The Way of Spirit, we discussed the reasons as well as the means to take on bullies. You can read the book for the information,  however we will explain a bit so you can get the gist of it.

The reason to take on bullies is they want to be corrected. Indeed, they need it. The way to do so is very carefully, mostly because you may not be in a safe position, because they may be dangerous. However, assuming your safety is ensured, there are many things you can do to arrest, complain about, call out on, or even take hold of physically to stop somebody from violating another, because when they do so, they are sending the message that they are hurting, too.

This brings us to the suggestion to take on the bullies in ways that are relatively safe, for there’s not any reason to believe this is not something worthwhile. In fact, women have been so effectively defanged in the last decades that you have enough ammunition now to go forth with great contrariness, which is a lesson in allowance of self that we suggest you read.

The purpose, therefore, of women becoming differently educated about love is because there’s so very much potential in the Divine Feminine that you won’t believe it until you see it in action. For in your view of the world, you will find many reasons to suggest to yourselves that the Divine Feminine is indeed gaining ground, and it is mostly doing it through feminine energy, meaning through women as well as men who are opting to choose love, comfort, and care of others into their positions.

This is something to consider, that men are also good at expressing divine energy. However, we want to ensure the women of the world are able to throw off the courteous manners in which they have sometimes become slaves to: popularity contests, beauty contests, ensuring the best for others before self, and many other things that have been attributed to love, when the reality is this is simply a matter of not choosing to shine in the world, and we mean shine.

Now why would women not want to shine? They may believe they are not beautiful enough, or attractive enough, or perfect enough, when the reality is you are all that as well as more. To believe you are pretty enough, or courageous enough, for example, is a means to say, “I’m going to defend myself against anybody who says otherwise, because it’s my belief that matters, not what others think of me.” And in doing so, you will move mountains, because what happens is you really do create the reality in which you are perfect. You are whole. You are experienced enough. For in getting to the point of “enoughness,” you will find out how very enough you are.

And what better way than to view the many women taking the world over in their policing of criminals and poachers, in their attributions to each other as experts, in their caring for the world in beautiful as well as strong ways? For in your beauty, in your strength, you are wantonly moving into new areas of creativity as well as justice for all.

And this, ladies, is why you chose to be alive at this point in history: to take on the bullies in ways that intuitively feel right to you, and to strongly defend others who are persecuted. With you will be armies of women and men who believe in you and what you stand for.

So do so, and stand up for yourselves and others by truly shining without care for who sees it or who doesn’t, for in your status as a person who is female, you will send ripples of love through the entire world, starting with your beautiful selves.  So do so. For in your measure self-worth comes what we will talk about in the next segment, the best expressions of selfhood and what this means to others.

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Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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