The Divine Feminine and Your Hero’s Journey

wonderwomanThe purpose of your life is to enjoy it. This said, there’s reason to be who you are in ways that bring you enjoyment. So what does this mean to you? The answer depends on who you think you are.

Now, some individuals complain that there’s nothing in the world that brings them joy, some complain, too, that life is not fair. Others complain that the purpose of their lives does not bring them to the places they want to go. The reason we are calling out these sorts of people is this: they don’t really know who they are. If they did, they would enjoy life as it is, as they create it.

Now you may be wondering. What do you mean who am I? I was born, I live my life as I want to, I want some things that I don’t have, I long for things that I can’t get, and I am fearful about some things going on in the world.

If you feal [feel in real ways] this way, you’re not alone. The reason you may feal this way is you haven’t yet embraced the idea that you’re much larger than you have considered before. In this, you need to assure yourself that life really is divinely inspired, and you have been the hero of your life since before you were born.

Now, we want to say that sometimes being heroic is part of who you are every day—when you get up in the morning, wash your face, brush your teeth, when the reality is, you’d much rather be in bed. Getting up in the morning is heroic in every way because you listen to the forces inside you to lead you into the day, whatever the day may bring you. In fact, getting up in the morning is so very heroic sometimes that you all deserve rewards for doing exactly this.

Now, when you have a day ahead in which you are truly excited, when you enjoy doing the work in the world that calls to you, there’s a sense of greater heroism that reduces the fear in you about everything. This kind of heroism we call the way of spirit for you, and in blessing your days with your call to duty—your right living—you get the best of what life can give you. For in right living is the promise of a happy life.

Now, we want to assure you that the rightness of your lives does not easily translate into one thing or the other. This is why we suggest reading our book, The Way of Spirit, for rightness of living is different for everyone. This is because everyone is called to a slightly different reason for living than others. What’s remarkable about the way of spirit is its diversity. However there are some things that are consistent between lives lived with purpose, and we will suggest they are:

  • A real desire to help others. This is something that is brought into awareness through one’s own suffering, usually, and can take the form of anything that you believe would bring value to others. This could be putting on plays that inspire and educate, teaching others how to sew, or learning something new to share with your children. These are ways that are as diverse as anything you can imagine. The important thing is that you reflect back to others your desire to be of assistance, because of the beauty you see in the action itself.
  • Next, you have a sense of purpose. This can be any sort of purpose you can imagine. The point is you believe you were born to do something and you set out to do it, and this incorporates love for self and a desire to help others.
  • Next, you have fun doing it. The point of life, as we said, is to enjoy it. So in learning to be who you are, realize that fun is an important aspect of this.
  • Now, when you realize what the purpose is for your life, you understand that there’s everything to gain in letting go of whatever fears you have for doing it. This includes the sort of things that you don’t enjoy, perhaps, or other things that make your days not something to look forward to.

In this, the purpose is right living, and this takes some getting used to if you’re someone who does not  believe in right and wrong, but something to consider. For in your very genes are methods of desiring what is worthy of you, and these things are divinely provided. The trick is to ensure you’re allowing the desires that you really desire, not things that pose as desires but are wants. And if you’re wanting things that are not helpful to yourself or others, chances are you don’t really desire them. Because that’s how you grow into the person that you are: by helping the world around you. And in this, the patterns of love will surround you as well.

About JoRose

Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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