Portrait of a Superhero: Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg, superhero

Greta Thunberg, superhero

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish activist who–at the age of 15–gained global attention by starting the first school strike for climate outside the Swedish parliament building. She’s spoken at TEDxStockholm and the United Nations Climate Change Conference and continues to be a formidable champion for the planet and its creatures. In other words, she’s a superhero.

In this video clip (click subtitles on bottom frame), Greta shares the formative experiences that made her a superhero. Her words below align with Rose’s teachings on how we can all be satisfyingly superb superheroes. 

Turn your “flaws” into superpowers: your strangeness is an asset 
“If I didn’t have Asperger’s and if I wasn’t so strange, I would be stuck in this social game that everyone else seems to be so fascinated with.” (See The Way of Spirit.)

Engage the grief process
“I became depressed [about] what is happening to the environment and the climate. Our society is so shallow. We only focus on what’s on the surface instead of what is happening on the inside.”  (See Let That Shit Go to learn to grieve properly.)

Choose to be contrary
“I fell off these hamster wheels. I saw it from the outside and thought ‘this is wrong.’ That we can’t continue like this, because you don’t end up anywhere on a hamster wheel.” (See the Contrary Self and The Way of Spirit.)

End depression by taking action
“This involvement with the climate has made you well?” “Yes.” (See Let That Shit Go and The Way of Spirit.)

Police in love
“So you walk around the house like a sort of police?” “Mhm (yes).” Rose’s definition of policing in love is “to provide fearless and respectful actions towards another that help them realize more fulfilling options”. (See The Way of Spirit and The Divine Feminine, Women, and Policing in Love.) 

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