Animals know there is no death

MayaOur cat, Maya, after suffering for a month with chronic kidney disease, was diagnosed with a mass in her lymph nodes. Rather than subject her to more clinical poking and procedures, we got her a 24-hour nausea relief medication so we could spend one more beautiful day with her, much of it resting with her in our garden, before we took her to the vet to have her physical life quietly ended. I asked if Rose to speak for all those who lose their animal loved ones.

The reason to feel good about the loss of any animal is because they truly want to go when it’s their time. Humans don’t do this. They speculate about what could have gone differently, what might have been done to prevent the loss of a loved one, or of self, and generally feel “if something only could have gone differently… then…” what? You would have withstood the forces of life for one more day, or hour, or minute? Needless to say, animals want to remind you of this every time they go: “It’s okay now. I will be having many wonderful adventures on the other side where there’s no suffering.”

Now, when do you ever hear this explained to you in such simple terms? Never, if you listen to those who try to postpone death or even deny it. If you had more sense, you would act more like animals. It would be a burden off your minds, as well as a means to realize that you’re not in charge of who goes and when. This, my dear ones, is the good news, not the bad.

Now, we will say too, the purpose for living with animals—even with their diseases and their deaths, although there is no death—is to help you remember there’s nothing to fear. It’s remarkable that you have created the sorts of living spaces that incorporate the giving back of love to animals they give to you. The sciences that help relieve suffering, and the banks of blood for transfusions, for example, are wonderful examples of the purpose for your connection with animals, which is to let them teach you there’s only love, not fear, not even death. What more could you ask for than that from teachers?

(Rose then spoke about Maya, that she knew we loved her and were doing everything we could for her, including taking action to end her suffering. “She knows you love her. She knows you did everything you could. She wants you to know she’s ready now…. With her assurance, know what will be best for her is to spend time with you in your arms if possible. She does not want to discover herself in the next life without your arms around her. That will be the best way to see her off.”)

Now we will throw in a very quick reminder that there is no death. This is why you’re fealing blue: you think there is. This is something that is connected with being human, dear ones. However, your great teachers are here to say you don’t need to be. So let her go in your arms. Hold her as much as you can today, too, and be ready to assist her by saying, “I want you around us all the time”. Do so, and she will do so, too

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Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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