End Suffering from Past Hurts

"Some people are holding grudges against you for things they did to you."This graphic (left) expresses how people often project their shadow on others they’ve violated, which can compound suffering.

Why do they do it? Because they haven’t addressed their own guilt and suffering. How does one deal with this… call them out, let it go, what?

The way to go about getting past suffering is to end it. That said, what does it take to end suffering?

Suffering is perhaps the most overrated thing that was ever created.

The suffering you have is always surmountable by simply engaging love for yourself. This can happen in any number of ways.

When you are suffering, the only thing you can really do to end it totally—not just in small bits, because that will not work in the long run—is to realize that everything has purpose. So when you allow yourself to find how the situation will move you into new areas of love and expression, your suffering will end.

The best way to forgive is to realize what the person has to deal with in their own lives.

Some have issues with physical, emotional, or spiritual pain. Some have issues with feeding themselves and their families. Everyone who ever lived has some kind of suffering.

Whether or not they have answers to their questions about life has everything to do with how much they suffer. So if you think that better educational resources on how to live in more healthy ways will help them, realize this will only go so far.

Some individuals will never find out how to end suffering, nor will they be able to put into practice the many things that will help them.

In other words, there will be suffering for as long as you will be alive as well as beyond that.

So if you conclude that helping people with their issues will end suffering, you’re incorrect. This will be something to discuss at another time, but if you put all the cures in front of them they will resist. Why? Because they won’t want to use them.

This is the point: you cannot stave off suffering completely. That’s why you just need to love people anyway.

When you feel guided by love, you will find that things go better, things are easier, things are more sacred. This is the point: loving people anyway.

So getting past individuals who are holding a grudge for what they have done to you, simply say, “I love you anyway.” That’s all you can really do. You can hold them accountable only so far as to assure yourself that this is not something in your control nor was it something you did. You can’t hold them accountable to more than that if they are not going to be true to their Greater Self and identify where the issues are, grieve the loss, offer apologies, make restitution, etc. They may not want to, even. That’s okay: you can still love them.

Let go of your expectations of how others should be and just decine (decide in divine ways) to embrace love without needing to fix or claim that there’s been a violation or anything. If you can, try to make peace enough to just get along.

Trust we have ways of working things out, too.

The Divine Selves help you all the time, but to do so, you must lead us there with love.

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Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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