The Divine Feminine & the Assimilation of New Thinking in the World

margaretmeadThe focus of our final installment in our Divine Feminine series is an assertion with regard to how the world is invocating the Divine Feminine in everyday life.

The purpose for your life, as we said, is to enjoy it. The fact is that you, too, have decined [decided in divine ways] to become physical at this time for your own growth as a soul. In real terms, this means that you will either figure out a way to see the world in ways that are becoming to your inner Self, or not see the changes and realize suffering. The choice is yours.

Now, the purpose, again, is to enjoy life. Do you see the world as a constantly evolving beautiful planet that has many reasons to exist in harmony with all things? Or do you see the population soaring and the record climate changes dissolving the planet’s wealth of ice caps and slowly drowning you to death? Do you see how both these things can coexist, that the planet has many solutions to discover so it can have lasting peace as well as resources for all people on it? The choice between what you see as “good” changes as opposed to “bad” changes has to do with how you see yourselves.

This takes us back to the previous essay in which we reminded you that you’re more than your ego self. You’re more than you can imagine. So think of yourselves in terms of heroes as we suggested and you will see many areas of opportunity to bring your skills into the world in new ways.

Now, we will suggest that this is happening already. The contrary self that you are knows that sometimes you need to just allow yourself to get into the trenches and not worry about what you look or feel like and just help somebody. The self that you are incorporates all these selves. The trick is, what is it that you do so very well that you will enjoy doing to help the planet?

There is not any reason to believe that you have a ringside seat to the proceedings. You are the proceedings. You are the helpless immigrants trying to find a way in the world. You are the carriage that carries bodies back from the front. You have reason to want to help them all—because that’s what the greater self does—but you can’t. You can, however, choose to do something—something that brings you joy in the process.

Look at how the world is treating the poor. Do you see what the problem is here? The problem is in wealth distribution, period. The wealth is in control of the resources that say, “I don’t want you to have something for nothing. Either go get a job and work for my good or you can starve.” This is playing out in the world now. What will you do about it?

This is how the new world is being created. People like you are going online, they are seeing the world in different ways than ever before. They are noticing that things are not what they should be, when in reality, they are exactly as they should be. We do not agree with the people who say that there’s nothing we can do. There’s always something we can do. Now what will it be? We see your options as weight on your shoulders now, when in reality, they should be easy choices.

We have a means to help individuals connect with their inner guidance system—the reason they were born, the means to have purpose in the world. They are the following types which we have assigned names to that you can read more about here. Generally speaking, there are nine types of talents, you might say: Artists, Teachers, Nurturers, Healers, Formers, Reformers, Exchangers, Imagers, and Rememberers.

The point of telling you this is: the many types of individuals are all inner programmed to do what they came here to do. If you’ve seen individuals on television or in your social media who are doing what they love, there’s reason to find out what you love so you can join up with those who are doing their way of spirit. This is how new information gets into the world. You try things. You share things. You express to yourselves that the joy you get from others has benefit. You seek out kindred spirits who join up with you to be a gang of wonderful individuals, whatever you end up doing together. And in this you share new information in new ways. What a fun place to be at this time of your lives!

Take up the banner of love in the world, and you will bring much joy to yourself as well as others and this is the key to doing so: try to do for yourself first what you want to share with others. So if you’re a healer, heal self first. If you’re a nurturer, nurture self first. This is the point: the reasons for wanting to help yourself are the same ones you feel for others. Do so, and you will find more joy than you have ever imaged.

We will end this series on the Divine Feminine by saying this: the purpose for your life is to enjoy it. The reasons for your life are to realize you’re more than just the ego self who thinks he has all the answers. Think of yourself as something greater: the greater self has more in store for you than the ego self can possibly imagine. So do so and give your gifts to the world in ways that bring you joy. So do so, and we will assist!

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Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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