Learn How To Channel

Learn How to Channel

We are continually in exchange of energy with our Divine Selves

Are you a channeler? Do you want to learn how to channel? Perhaps you just haven’t figured out how to how to develop your skills, or how to channel in ways that are fun?

Each of us has the ability to channel, which Rose defines as each person’s innate ability to accurately translate inner experience to outer experience through artistry, healing, and other natural, inspired acts that align with their intent. 

This is also referred by Rose as an “energy exchange” because we are continually in exchange of energy with our Divine Selves. We can trust that whatever we do is in accordance with our essences, which allows relaxation in all of our activities, including investigations into Ouija boards, pendulums, tarot cards, automatic writing, and other tools. Here’s how.

  1. Focus on your intent. There are two things to consider.

      • You were born with good intent. What a wonderful thing to remember. Just relax and remind yourself that you are doing this to help yourself and others. If you have trouble determining your unique intent (below), don’t worry.
      • You were born with a unique intent, your soul’s design for expression, something you are deeply passionate about. If it’s not clear, the Find Your Intent practice may help. It’s not important at first that you learn to channel according to your intent, because in time, you’ll figure it out. For example, in your Ouija board practice you may find that you can help heal people energetically–or any number of different and unique expressions–and no longer find as much value using the board.
  1. Choose your tools. I started with a Ouija board and notebook, then switched to a computer keyboard and word processing program, which allowed me to autotype and capture at the same time. You might use a sketchpad and pencils, tarot cards or pendulum and notebook or recorder. You might dance in front of a video camera. The range of tools is endless. For private sessions, I “airtype” and use a voice recorder. If you think that’s unusual, Ester Hicks, the brilliant channeler of Abraham, started by spelling out letters in the air with her nose! Do whatever feels good to you.

  2. Connect with your essence.  Just go into a state of relaxed meditation and connect with the “fealing (feel in real ways) tone” of your essence. If you already have a meditative practice, great. If not, the Rest in Rose practice can help.

  1. Minimize distortion. Interference can occur in two ways.

    • Your ego may become overly interested and want to take control. If so, you can suggest that it just relax and enjoy the ride.
    • There may be energies that try to interfere. These negative energies are in transition from physical to nonphysical reality. They are able to continue, but do not because of attachments to our physical dimension. Be compassionate, but trust that you are not helping if you engage them. Do them a favor by asking them to move along. You can say, “A beautiful paradise awaits you if you would only give up your attachments and allow yourself to continue” or “We wish you well… go where you will be healed.” Then slip back into the fealing tone of your essence, or Rose, whatever you prefer to get you into the best state.
  1. Practice. Rose calls the special, daily practice of communicating with essence Vespers. The process of learning how to channel your essence can help you through personal issues, identify and allow your emerging abilities, and help you to happily live your intent.

Good luck! (For a scholarly explanation, see About Channeling.)

About JoRose

Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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