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United States of Love graphicA friend sent me this: I had what felt like an epiphany when meditating about the future of America…. that all this pain we are going through is to birth a new kind of government on the planet, the democratic socialism concept. The sense I had was that so many people who abhor anything that smacks of toxic communism or socialism will finally “get” what is being done in some parts of the world such as Scandinavia. The vision was of watching America “for all to see around the world” (akin to a tipping point) so that this hybrid mix of socialism and democracy would be able to take hold worldwide and create a new kind of global balance and justice. Wouldn’t that just be all our best hopes coming to fruition?

The portion of the vision that concerns itself with the “seeing eye to eye about the next form of government” is perhaps the most amazing part of the dream, because it plants the suggestion in you that this can all be resolved. This can all be resolved. You’re allowing more distrust to ebb out of your days so as to bring in more fun, tolerance, and relating to others in ways you haven’t before. The newfound freedoms that this gives you will allow the kind of seismic changes that you’re picking up on.

The change has to do with the ability to tolerate some and embrace others. There’s no saying when this will happen, for each person will come to this at different times than others. In this, the dialog about “how to live in love and prosperity” will begin.

Now, the part of the conversation having to do with each of these subjects—love and prosperity—will be different for everyone. Some people buy into the notion that love is something to be shared between only those who are in their direct circle. Others have a more open definition of what love is, as well as who to love. This very conversation is alerting you all to the basic fact: that love really is in charge of the whole thing.

Love really does rule.

So, when you find out how to really love your neighbor, you will get to the second part, which has to do with prosperity. What about seeing eye to eye with your neighbor brings you prosperity? You may not feel as alone. You might have somebody over for tea. You might make suggestions that help somebody.

What about these things are prosperous? Well, everything! These ideas are seeding the commerce of how one runs neighborhoods, towns, cities, corporations, each one a seed for taking somewhere and planting. This may not occur in days or even weeks. It can happen for some in the coming months: seeing the world in ways that bring peace through talking about how wonderful love is.

And in this, the changes will occur, you just need to be patiently pushing on the doors of love. When this happens to the percentage of the population that brings a tipping point, you will see the kind of changes you will enjoy in the coming years. Seventy five percent of you will not see the final shift in consciousness, but eight percent is all that’s required to push the harmony towards happening. There are about seven percent now.

So keep on bringing the goodness to yourselves as well as others and you will see great things happening in the world. So do so.

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Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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