Small miracles help the ego enjoy life

roseringPaul and I visited Paradise Cove the other day. As we walked on the beach, I noticed a shiny, circular object in the sand. I picked it up and brushed it off. It was a silver ring, in the design of a rose, and it fit my hand perfectly. I’d wanted a ring to wear always that would represent my dedication to my work with Rose, and I wanted to find it magically—or rather, have it find me—but I never imagined this. I can’t really believe it. Can you help me understand this small yet miraculous event?

The purpose for small miracles is to help your ego self in getting to where you need to be. We’ll explain.

The ego self gets all tied up in events such as actions you need to take, perfect living, exceptional children, and more things to help you proceed through life without much thinking about God, the Universe, or Everything.

The ego self helps you realize the nuts and bolts of life. It doesn’t help you with regard to fealing (feeling in real ways) better about being alive, for it’s really only helping you to think you’re good, for now, with what you’ve got.

Do you see the difference? The difference is in helping you feal better about life, rather than think you’re better. So in your everyday path are loads of tiny little messages from your greater Self that seem to be non-remarkable most of the time. They will be things like a lovely table decoration, a view of the sea, an ice cream cone, a lovely plate of food. Even the disaster-prone of you have reason to see your everyday lives as miraculous—in fact, the disaster-prone are the best recipients of this knowledge.

So in your accompanying gratitude will be, as well, the longings for entering into communion with the Divine. In this, you can allow yourselves more communion of this kind than you do now.

When you allow yourself greater connection in your fealing sense with the Divine, you will get more charmed things happening to you. We say “happening to you,” although this isn’t completely accurate because you create your reality, and you have a wonderful penchant for forgetting this.

However, when you think too much, when you worry too much, when you wrong on self too much, you get to the ego self’s lack of value of itself. The ego self needs to feel better about the job it does. So we suggest that when you consider the miracles of everyday life, you thank both your Divine Self and your ego self, because they have both been extremely important in the creation of these wonderful things.

So if you want to, for example, recognize the beauty of your surroundings and what you find there, you can simply do this.

  • Let go of the feeling that you have to control everything. You can’t allow yourself to feel hassled anymore. You need to really feal into the Divine to see what we’re talking about.
  • Next, allow yourselves to enjoy life more. This is so very important that we can’t stress it enough. You will be fine without feeling so pressured to perform well. So don’t.
  • Next, allow yourselves to enjoy life more. This is so very important that we will say it again.
  • Next, realize when you discover these everyday miracles, that you will find more joy than ever because you will realize this is not about anything except simply allowing grace to fill your lives, and it will as long as you simply just let it be.

Your ego self enjoys itself when it can free itself from worry. So when you see your everyday miracles, thank your ego self for getting you to the place where you are able to merely recognize and enjoy them. So do so.

About JoRose

Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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