Astrology and how it can benefit…even Mercury in Retrograde

cellariusThe moon, stars, and sun each have bearing on the spaces you surround yourself with every day. New things are born in the spring, many things die in the winter, and many other forces around you take hold: you just don’t notice or even need to. But every now and then something gets your attention: mercury in retrograde is one such occasion. What does it mean? Is it something to pay attention to or ignore? Does attention to astrology make it real?

The answers lie in your beliefs, as they always do. There’s reason to consider the depths of your beliefs in astrology, because if you’ve heard about it and are wondering about its affects, then you have some belief in astrology. So in this case, we will give you some information to help you through this time, which can be challenging.

The purpose to astrology is to create a system by which you offer yourself information that you would not otherwise tell yourselves. This can be lighthearted, in the form of astrological signs and horoscopes, or quite influencing in ways that incorporate birth charts, readings, and the like.

The way to consider astrology is a gift to yourself from yourself, as while mankind has defined the system, this doesn’t mean that the system is in some ways wrong. It means that you’ve created a way to get unofficial information in beautiful ways that can help you. The problem becomes that sometimes you interpret things in ways that don’t help you, such as Mercury in retrograde.

The changes that your world goes through is potentiated by your beliefs. Beliefs that one is in some ways in danger, for example, are not supported by fact until you create them. Therefore, in astrology you always have the ability to see things differently than how they may be translated for you. The effects of the stars have no effect if you choose to deny it, hence you sometimes believe the readings and sometimes you don’t.

There’s nothing wrong with getting “bad” information, the important thing is what you do with it. Are you using it to your benefit or to others’? Or are you saying to yourself, “That figures! I am always having bad luck!” This is a good way to have bad luck follow you around, because as you know, you get what you focus on. Here’s what we suggest for retrogrades or anything that smacks of bad news.

First, realize there’s nothing cast in stone. No wise person worth their rubles will tell you something is going to happen for certain. You may be in a position to change things in a big way without realizing it. Don’t take to heart everything that you hear.

Second, focus on the positive aspects of anything like astrology. There’s nothing wrong with taking time to slow down, speed up, or any number of things the reading or horoscope might suggest. Don’t think in absolutes. There’s no reason to believe that things can’t go one way or another at any time. Essence makes sure of that.

Next, forecasts that involve Mercury in retrograde specifically are not bad, they are just challenges to how you think about your world. Slow down. Take time to finish things. Pragmatism is called for. What’s wrong with that? Don’t you want to have an excuse to slow down a bit? Then do so.

The Rose agenda is to help you on your way of spirit. Tarot readings, astrology, the Ouija board, and other methods of divination, are all important to take up and look into. These are arts that have been in many ways cast aside or frowned upon because they have traditionally been the domain of women who have held much esteem in their communities. By all means, do them. Just be sure to make it a practice to realize that you create your reality all the time, and these tools will help you do so as long as you are alert to the beliefs that you are using to interpret as well as take actions to incorporate.

About JoRose

Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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