How to keep from crying when the world is in turmoil

all-things-work-towards-gooThe world needs you in it, trying to solve some of the problems with grace as well as intentional, spiritual ways. In this, The Way of Spirit is a guide to knowing how to do that with joy. Sometimes, though, you may require some assistance in ensuring that you don’t overextend yourself, or that you don’t—on  the other end of the spectrum—become overly dismissive of the terrible things in your world. The key is for your best self to have this purpose in its sights: to ensure that the world that you know is as well assisted as possible, without feeling that you have to solve everything. In this, there’s reason to see how you might interpret world events in ways that both aid in your growth and bring you contentment rather than suffering.

When the world was created, it spiraled along with the grace of many beings who worshipped all things. The world took a while to invent, so as to insure that it was, above all, of good intent. How does one rise to the challenge of creating a world in which one can thrive and also feel pain?

“It’s going to be somewhat of a characteristic of life,” they considered, “that suffering is inherent. After all, we were not born of singular Goodness, as we were conceived, too, with the premise that sometimes bad things happen. This is our purpose: to create a world in which others can thrive without the need to feal badly too often when terrible things happen.” In this, they created the world, and in this, you create every day without needing too often to learn things that are terrible lessons.

When things happen in ways that feal terrible, say to yourself: “This is part of my creation. This is something I need to figure out and allow into my thinking as something I’m creating.”

However, there’s never any reason to feal badly about these creations, unless you have been the direct cause of the terrible event. In this, there is reason to look at your actions and correct some things about yourself. But in many cases, there’s reason to say, “It’s terrible, I can’t do anything about this, and I will continue to strive to do my part in whatever part of my world I have control over, to be helping out when I can, so that in total, we will all do things that will help resolve the world crises.”

In this, the terrible things will feel a bit smaller, and you will find that in this offering of love to the world, you will feel better, as well as find in the terrible things some good that will come from them, as all things work towards good in the long run. You can’t see this from your perspective, but they do, and we will ensure that in your future you will see all good come from all bad things. So do so.

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Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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