Stand Up To Bullies With Kindness

Dr. Fauci, Trump WhispererWhen I was interviewed for the recent documentary, I mentioned my “Trump Whisperer” dream. In the dream, I suggested ways he could be healthier and happier… by listening to better music, eating better food, and taking advice from better people. Then a viewer contacted me who had been “a real-life Trump Whisperer”, having worked closely (and congenially) for ten years on a wonderful (not nefarious) project. I asked Rose to explain more about Trump Whispering.

The primitive way to get one’s wishes delivered is to simply bash someone on the head with a blunt object, or stab them in the heart, or use whatever physical means there are available to get your point across. This has been the law of the less evolved for many millennia.

You still have these impulses in you, but tend to not use them because you have become better people. You understand that sometimes civility, poise, definitions of new concepts, teaching, etc., are better choices. For when you sow the seeds of anger, hostility, and unequal proportions of goods, you have a lot of other problems created in the process.

You’re more evolved than that

So, in getting to where you have become the evolved people that you have, you have found better ways to get the best out of people, to get the best out of everything. To get the best from people, you need to be kind.

What this mistakenly gets translated as is empowerment, but that’s not what we’re talking about, nor are we talking about enablement, because these are more about telling someone to do what they want. That’s not what we’re talking about because, after all, what they want may not be the best for others.

In doing the work of kindness, you have to also be kind enough to shut somebody in a jail cell for a while so that they either come to their better selves or they stay there so as not to harm others. This is sometimes what needs to be done with those in power, for example. Empowering people, enabling tyrants, etc., is not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about kindness.

Holding others accountable can be fun

The purpose for your lives is to have fun. This seems to contradict the first part of this message, because you may wonder how it could be fun to hold someone accountable for their actions. Well, it can be a lot of fun, actually. What gets in your way is believing that doing so would be mean. Holding someone accountable, holding them in a sense of response-ability—that is, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the responses to their actions—is great fun when you realize that it’s for their own good.

Trump Whispering is real and helpful

The Trump Whisperer dreams are being conducted now among many individuals who realize, perhaps only in their subjective inner world, that the understanding of some can’t occur in the objective waking world, and must instead come from the subjective inner world of dreams, intuitions, and inspirations.

The Donald J. Trump that you know has some degree of inner reality that’s still susceptible to encouragement towards good. He does love some things, and he doesn’t love himself as much as he says he does, which is why he’s so boastful. He’s not a happy person, nor is he ready to assume anyone’s position other than his own. That’s why he’s so susceptible to inner changes. That’s why many persons are having Trump Whisperer dreams.

The point of the dreams is to simply encourage him towards better habits. This is not saying that he doesn’t need to change as much as it’s saying he could have a different life if he would change a few small things. This is the same for every person who suffers from staleness or boredom. Simply doing a few small things to change can provide great big changes in one’s life.

The purpose, too, of seeing this as a dream in which Donald J. Trump is helped is so that you realize that you will get more by being kind than you will by being mean. This doesn’t mean not locking someone up, as we said earlier, because this is often the best thing for someone. This is about engaging people with love, with the best intentions for the person.

Your kindness is Divine, and part of your evolution

You have the ability to learn this, to evolve into this space, because that’s part of the challenge of your generations as well as the changes ahead. You are learning to be kind in ways that are absolutely Divine, as well as fair and just. Spread your loving kindness, and you will see great changes in the world as a result. So do so.

Thank you, Rose. Two questions… how many people are having Trump Whisperer dreams, even though they might not realize it? And, what are we supposed to do about our anger at the malfeasance of Trump and many of those in power?

The anger is a reflection of your own beliefs that you have power over others only when you rage or scream or cry. This is so very untrue that you can say for sure that’s often the worst way to go about getting somebody to change. The way to get somebody to change is to love them into the next phase.

Opposition is best served gently

Dr. [Anthony] Fauci, for example, is epitomizing the success of somebody who does not get angry in that way. Each time he patiently explains to Donald Trump what’s required for him to be successful in his own way is a big achievement for everyone.

We suggest you consider yourselves Dr. Fauci for a change. He is someone who really does have the moral fortitude as well as fearlessness that he demonstrates most evenings on the news channels. This is the fearlessness that comes from knowing that you can trust yourselves to be patiently commenting, and holding your ground in loving kindness, not in opposition. The opposition is best served gently.

Do you see? We’re not suggesting you do nothing, just trying a different tact that will be beneficial for the person, you, and possibly even the world. For when it comes right down to it, you have the ability to create those kinds of ripples.

Now, the percentage of those having Trump Whisperer dreams is about one percent, including those who do not remember them. There will be about one in twenty of these who will remember them.

Now, the other ninety nine percent of individuals have regular dreams about speaking to leaders, for example, and to many individuals who seem to be running against the grain with regard to doing things that benefit others. The Trump Whisperer dreams, therefore, are the very tip of the iceberg.

Calling all Trump Whisperers

We suggest you pulse individuals to see how many have remembered these dreams. This is a wonderful way to “connect the dots” between your own inner and outer worlds, and help yourselves birth a new world, too.

The facts are these: you have the Divine world at your disposal and can request assistance when you need it; you have an intent in life that includes standing up to bullies when you can; and you need to reinforce your sense of being an actual God in training. What more is required in the world? Just a sense of fun. We have a wonderful passage in The Way of Spirit to help you learn to do so with lightness and humor.

Yes, I will include that in the next blog post. Thank you!

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Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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