Virus: A lesson in the power of the small and mighty!

The corona virus has spread to the many parts of the world that will be the most affecting of changes required for you to thrive.

The reasons for doing so are these: you do not have enough fun, you do not have enough wellness, you do not have enough friendship, and you do not have enough sources of quality foods, you do not have enough sources of gifts to give to each other, in the sense of finding your own way of spirit, to love one another in ways that bring you joy.

So, what does Nature do? It spreads the surfaces of things with the reflections of these very issues so that they will infect you with the love for the world that you need, so you can love yourselves, too, in the process.

You don’t feel satisfied

Each day that you live has opportunities for your own satisfaction. Do you feel satisfied? No you don’t. You live separately from your very neighbors. You pose a health risk to others by merely projecting your issues towards one another. And you have terrible food sources that are polluting your planet.

You don’t really even feel good about your work. Why? Because you have outgrown yourselves to the degree where you can’t really have much effect in the ways you want to so as to thrive. That’s why the corona virus is spreading: you need to change.

Those affected are in the most need of change

Now, this doesn’t apply to some people as much as others. The reasons we say these things are to reflect only, not to see yourselves as wrong. The people who are trying to make positive changes in the world have need for the world to respond differently than in the past.

The organizations being affected are the ones in need of the most change: Wall Street, health organizations, wellness factions, groups of people who live near one another because of the need to thrive but aren’t doing so because they don’t work together. These are the huge changes that are being brought about by this epidemic.

Communal solutions are required

Now, what to do? We don’t think there’s anything to be said by us that the health officials have not said already. Each person must take personal responsibility for how they affect the world. The people who need to wake up the most are those who have wronged others by their practices, not the generous people who know they will be fine in those situations that call for communal solutions. The communal solutions are the ones that are required now more than ever.

So, what kinds of communal solutions are waiting in the wings for your adoptions? Factory farming needs to be replaced by local farm-grown foods. Fisheries can be established to feed those close to you as well. Fear needs to be relieved by having communities know and care for one another. These are all things you’re moving towards to help you survive the coming decades, but these are not things to fear. These are things to enliven who you have decined (decided in divine ways) to be. So do so.

You too can change your world!

Tear down your fears and stretch your imaginations to cocreate the kinds of energy patterns you want to realize. The extraordinary power of a single virus is both something to be managed and an object lesson in the power of the small and mighty!

(For more information on how we can each live our way of spirit, see Tools or The Way of Spirit book page.)

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Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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