Pandemic: You Need to Change

Rose, what change is the pandemic bringing, and what can we do to help ourselves and others through this challenging time?

The corona viruses are so fatal that the very notion of the pandemic has every reason to be paid attention to. Keep your hands clean. Stay indoors. These are all necessary things that your health organizations tell you to do. Do them. The way we see these efforts are as heroic, and you would be well informed to follow their advice with every breath you take because the danger is real.

That said, the danger has every reason to exist. The situation you have now is that a lot of people do what they do every day, without feeling satisfied. They are scared of losing their jobs, and scared of getting sick with no medical benefits. They are scared of losing everything, and the potential for homelessness is a reality. For many people, the situation is desperate. That’s why this situation has happened: you need to change.

Have work that you love

The facts are these as well. Most of you don’t love your work. Why? We say in The Way of Spirit that this is about the most important thing you can do: have work that you love. It is what gets you up every day. You have fun, you have passion for what you do, you help people. Who among you can really say that’s what you do every day? Not many. We will say only sixty percent of you have any job worth doing every day. That leaves a lot of people without even the slightest bit of satisfaction or fulfillment. Calculate in how many of you have desperate times ahead because of potential layoffs. This is a direct consequence of not being happy.

Now, work is the biggest thing to change, for you have been educated to believe you have to make a lot of money. You don’t. In fact, the virus has reclaimed many parts of the world already in which you had little inkling of happiness. There was sewage in Venice’s waterways. Now there are dolphins and swans. There was fog over China. Now you can breathe. There are spots in Ireland where the mission of many is to help one another. Their land is glowing more brightly than before.

Do you see these sorts of changes happening in your own world, in your neighborhoods? You should soon, if you don’t now. So let go of the thinking that this is going to do anything except to bring about the kinds of changes needed in the world.

Start in your neighborhood, and have fun

Now, what does this have to do with how your own city works? How your own neighborhood works? Do you work with others for the common good, and exchange information that supports their benefit? Do you have fun with them sometimes? If not, you would benefit greatly by changing just this one thing. This is about the best thing you can do to support your planet: get acquainted with your neighbors.

The idea that the neighborhood can flourish if you work together, therefore, has the very big potential for becoming really fun. The neighbors you cherish will be those that have a knack for turning fun things into work things, as well as vice versa. Plant trees that you can share fruit from. Have fun teaching children how to take care of the planet. Find fresh ideas with regard to how you care for each other. The world has need for you in it.

Find your passion and fearlessness

We suggest, too, that you capture every bit of passion that you were born with, that you had as a child that you may have forgotten. The seeds are there. Take a few moments just to read this bit of information from your guardian angels on how you can shed some of your fears.

  • First, realize that you have a perfectly fine life now. We have faith that you will figure out how to move forward in ways that will be astoundingly beautiful.

  • Shed your fears about how the world has become and try to view it instead as a place of immense beauty. The world will find ways to reciprocate with you, to help you move into where you need to be.

  • Avoid fearful people if you can. We don’t mean those who need your help. We mean those who do not behave in caring ways because they are too locked into their own selfishness. Let them be without needing to feel badly if you can’t support them. Sometimes people need to be left alone.

  • Don’t let people be left alone if they truly want help. The facts are, there are millions of people you can help. Be sure to protect your own self, as there’s no need for everyone to be the sacrificial heroes that your frontline workers are now. However, you would do well to move beyond your selfish interests, then join together to help each other.

  • If you have any needs, relate them to others. Sometimes people just need to report on what they have going on so that others can help. Let yourself, and others, do this.

  • Find what you love doing, and then do that. The book we dictated through our Joanne here is going to help. Get it, and then find out how you can be the contrary, wonderful person that you always wanted to be. [The Way of Spirit is available on Amazon.]

Lots of love, Rose.

About JoRose

Joanne Helfrich is a writer and channeler of the nonphysical energy personality essence, Rose. For more info, see About Joanne.
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