DENISE: “What is consciousness?”

ROSE: “That’s a very big question, because consciousness is very big indeed. Consciousness, to say it in simplest terms that you know, is the water of your days. It is the foremost liquid in which your reality is created and is realized. The way of spirit is the ability to realize how very fluid consciousness is, so much so that the way [of spirit] will teach you how to manipulate it in ways you aren’t yet aware of. So to say that consciousness is big will, in many ways, make you realize that it’s also on your side. So when you feal (feel in real ways) the need to reverse an action or find alternate views of reality, the liquidity of consciousness will allow it in ways that you’ll truly find astonishing. There is no reason to believe that you can’t call up a turkey, in your terms, in your moments of your days, instantly.

“To say that consciousness is that is only partly correct. While this is true, it is also partial. There is a solidity to consciousness as well that creates the realities that you mostly experience. The realities that you face daily will, in some ways, become malleable as you learn greater ways of spirit, but will always carry a kind of solidity about them that is impenetrable, in some ways. For example, your reality incorporates gravity and musculature of earthly structures. These will beautifully continue, but in subtle ways they are also very fluid.

“Consciousness is a bigger affair than that as well. It is a finely tuned, tonal, profound orchestration of godhood. In your terms, it is one song of your universe and everything beyond it. We suggest it is everything you can possibly imagine, and then some. So consciousness, while being the water in your lives, is also the song of the spirit, and the way that spirit plays in all things everywhere, always.

“So don’t be wanting to only think of consciousness as something that is in your brains. It isn’t. It is wide beyond measure — as are you — and you are in every way consciousness — in every cell, and in all things that you create around you. Everywhere, in everything, is consciousness, from the most minute cell in an ant’s body to the widest of planets in your solar system. Consciousness is all that, and as many forms as it can possibly take.

“So be aware you are part of a wondrous creation of consciousness that spans all time and space and this, my dear ones, is why we are here tonight: to remind you of your vast, impossible probabilities that await you in time and in space. For that’s exactly where we are and you are as well, in some respects, so tune into us to find who you are. Tune into us to realize how beautiful life is. Tune into us to truly find out who the real stars in your galaxies are, because they are you, and that is why we’re here: to remind you of your beauty, and your powers, and your beautiful lives that await you on your earth, as well as beyond it, for you will never die. You will never find ways to not be, and in this, you only need to be reminded.

“We know you will find truly beautiful things ahead of you. Don’t fear, only love, and that’s why we’re here, too: to show you how to love again. And in this, you need only to begin with yourselves, for in loving self, you will find the way of spirit, and in doing, that you will love all things. Even the things that seem unworthy need your love to thrive, because they are your consciousness as well, and you will indeed learn this in time. So does that answer your question, dear one?” ~ Session 225, February 16, 2008