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ROSE: “What things do you want to do that your egos say, ‘Don’t do that’?”

BOB: “You mean meditation, maybe?”

ROSE: “That’s a very good one, dear one. That’s a geanius answer, because it is very true that ego says, ‘What do we need that for?’ And ego will be correct: ego doesn’t need meditation, but ego isn’t the entirety of you, and ego will rebel and say, ‘We have much better, more valuable things to do than meditate,’ indeed.

“So trust that this is ego pushing back, but essence wants you to meditate, indeed. It is [perhaps] the only way towards spirit, in a sense. Meditation has many ways to do itself, and it’s true that it does do itself, for when you feal like meditating, it will happen on its own. You’ll get a sense that you’re in complete connection with essence, and you’ll want to do it again and again. But ego will tell you not to, because you need to do things that make money, or realize pining for things, or realize that you need to make phone calls.

“So try to imagine ego having less to say about the things that call to you in your way of spirit, and you’ll discover that it will have much more to do with getting in your way at times than in finding things that are valuable for you, dear ones. Okay?

“What else would you do if ego would get out of your way, dear ones? You would do the things you find blissful perhaps, wouldn’t you? When you fear less, you’ll do more in your way of spirit at times, correct?

PAUL: “Mmhm.”

ROSE: “Won’t you, indeed? And ego says, ‘Don’t do that. That’s weird. That’s so weird we can’t tell you how the many people in your lives will make fun of you if you do that.’

“You would say to ego, then: ‘Why do you care? Why do you care what we do, for you’re only looking at a certain part of the picture? If individuals want to laugh at me, why not let them? Are you so very scared and small that you’d really care that much if they do?’

“Realize we’re not suggesting that you want to be made fun of, only that ego will have the very weirdest reasons for wanting you to not be happy; and they are weird in the sense that they are the things that you found weird when you were eleven years old and wanted to do something that your friends did not, and weird in the sense that if you were truly following your way of spirit, you would not care in the least.

“So trust that ego self is often a very adolescent self that incurs the Wrath of essence when it steps out of line. For example, the ego self will say, ‘What do you want to do that for?’

“The essence self will say, ‘To follow your way of spirit.’

“Ego self will say, ‘Why do that? We are very capable of doing that on our own.’

“And the essence self will say, ‘How’s that?’

“And the ego self will say, ‘We help her do what she wants to do.’

“And the essence self will say, ‘Aha! That’s not what essence wants, though.’

“You’re correct that ego will only feal in charge when it has only your old self to blame for your unhappiness. For your old self wants things that your new self doesn’t, and you can think of essence as your new self. Okay?

“So think of ego self as your dear old friend who doesn’t want you to change one bit, because she likes you that way — eleven years old, and so on — and your essence self has more to give you, in a sense, in regard to your future.

“So try to imagine that ego and essence do the best they can for you, only you need to know who to listen to at any given time. Okay, dear ones?

“Now, do you have any more ego friends to talk to us tonight?

“Okay, we’ll say to them, then, ‘Ego selves, we do love you. We want only your very best selves to blossom. So try to not fear so completely. You can fear some, and we appreciate that, but we don’t want you to fear always. And when you do, realize that we have more to tell you about yourself than you could possible imagine.’

“And when you try to grow up a bit and expand to include the many facets that you truly will become in time, you’ll be a beautiful ego, more than you are now, and you’ll incorporate the many beautiful things that we have, for you, in store.

“So try to imagine that ego self trying to interest itself in the many sparkling things that await it. Okay, dear ones?” ~ Session 269, July 19, 2008