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ROSE: “Transdescendence is [an] encouragement of self, in many ways, that you don’t currently do, for when you — contrary to your ego self — transdescend, you have the world at your fingertips, okay? The world is you. So to say, ‘I want to advance beyond the world,’ is truly silly. The world is you.

“So try to do this. Try to imagine that everything in the world is wanting your benefit, and try to imagine that the world is wanting your every wonderful thing you could possibly need — not even want, but need. When you want to do things, your ego is in charge — this isn’t always a bad thing.

“But to say this in a way that would perhaps shock you: the ego is, sometimes, hell. The ego says, ‘This is hell,’ when only your benefit is being looked after by the Earth that is you, that is your essence self talking to you. And we’ll suggest that hell is what the ego does very well, in many ways, when you allow it to find only itself in charge, and not essence. Okay?

“So try to imagine that everything that happens is indeed miraculous, and you’ll find also that surrender is a very feminine word — you don’t ever surrender, do you? No.”

PAUL: (With mock aggression) “Not in business, we never surrender to the competition!”

ROSE: “Or in militias, or in every way that you can possibly imagine in modern life, correct?”

PAUL: “And sports teams, yeah.”

ROSE: “So surrender is a no-no. But we’ll say that there are things that surrender can do for you that striving can never do. And surrender is also fine-tuning things in ways that you’ll find beneficial, too. Surrender has value in suggesting, for example, that to surrender to a situation tunes you into it, then allows you to be in the situation and find ways to absorb the learning from it, then to allow yourself to get the hell out of it. Okay?

“So learning happens when you surrender, too, as well as finding things that you will fear less when you truly allow yourself to find surrender, for this is how you can find fearlessness. When you surrender to things, you don’t need to fear them anymore, do you? So do surrender, at times, and then find ways to get the hell out of situations you don’t like very much. Okay?” ~ Session 269, July 19, 2008