The Way of Spirit

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“startling and transcendent”
“refreshingly straightforward”
“a voice of grace beyond the ordinary”
“entertaining” … “a fantastic read”
“you will find help here for reentering life’s mysterious flow”

Enjoy a serendipitous quote to help you on the way of spirit. For more quotes, reload your page.

When you become overly separated from spirit, you will want things you don’t desire, and in wanting those things, you will sometimes hate. And indeed, you’re correct in your assumption that the wanting is what creates the hating, because you see the blocks to obtaining your wants as deserving of your antipathy rather than the gentle nudging of spirit towards your true desires. So when you learn to reconnect with spirit, you will no longer hate. In spite of your desire for goodness in the world, it is the aftereffects of superficial wanting that lead to hatred, greed, and needless self-promotion. – Rose, The Way of Spirit

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