The Way of Spirit

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The way of spirit will help you realize your most fun and fulfilled self! Here’s a serendipitous quote to help you on your way… (for more quotes, reload your page):

You have been raised to believe that your needs come second, but you would be incorrect. Your needs come first…. But your needs include the desire to help others, and when you allow this, you will find your needs met. For you deeply want to assist, but your training has gotten in your way. So throw out your ideas about wanting only to appease yourself: you can’t if you won’t involve yourself in your world. And when you do, this will be what makes you happy. So do so. – Rose, The Way of Spirit

Calling All Channelers

Achanneling-squarere you a channeler? Do you want to be? What if you knew that you already are, you just haven’t figured out how to express it, or how to develop your skills?

Each of us has the ability to channel, which Rose defines as each person’s innate ability to accurately translate inner experience to outer experience through artistry, healing, and other natural, inspired acts that align with their intent. 

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