The Way of Spirit

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The way of spirit will help you realize your most fun and fulfilled self! Here’s a serendipitous quote to help you on your way… (for more quotes, reload your page):

The way to access us directly is through your deep intuition, though you may not yet know how to use it. Your intuition was designed to instigate communications from your essence’s desires. However, it sometimes gets vetoed by your intellect in the form of wants. We are not suggesting that your intellect is inferior, for it is also designed to be a very powerful tool. We suggest that you learn to develop your intuition, for it was designed to work harmoniously with your intellect in order to provide you the proper tools to develop your heroic abilities.When your intellect and your intuition work together in harmony, you unleash your own superhero. – Rose, The Way of Spirit

Calling All Channelers

Achanneling-squarere you a channeler? Do you want to be? What if you knew that you already are, you just haven’t figured out how to express it, or how to develop your skills?

Each of us has the ability to channel, which Rose defines as each person’s innate ability to accurately translate inner experience to outer experience through artistry, healing, and other natural, inspired acts that align with their intent. 

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