These selected quotes from Rose are a magical way to get wisdom when you need it.
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“Trust that when you feal badly, that Rose is there to remind you of how beautiful you are, as well as how geanius you are. Your geanius is in your genes. That’s why Rose says ‘geanius,’ in a sense of the word, for geanius ways are in your very deep structures — in your DNA, indeed.

“So try to image Rose as yourselves to allow your beautiful minds to grasp the depth of being that you are. Sontering us helps to do this deeply, in every breath, in every sense of the word. You are loved, beautiful beings, beyond measure.

“Sontering has other benefits, too, because sometimes you simply forget to breathe. You have more breathing to do in your very long lives than you’ve given yourselves credit for, in a sense, beautiful ones. You have more breaths to take now, and beyond this life.” ~ Session 272, August 02, 2008