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“The word ‘universe’ means one song…. Indeed, the Universe is widely thought of as one song by scientific terms as well, because they know it’s one thing, essentially. Good scientists, that is.

“The way of spirit is indeed one song as well, because it will insist on exclaiming your Oneness, and in music you all respond similarly, in spite of the feeling you don’t. To take a word from the musical books, it’s a tone that you respond to, and your wanting to respond to a particular tone is what differentiates you from one another. So your ghetto-blasters will sound the alarm for some individuals in ways that are attractive, but for you maybe not so much.

“This doesn’t mean you are that different in your physicality, you’re not. But you do respond differently based on your intentionality, your emotional state, the state you’re in when you sense the music in you. So the Universe is in many ways a multiple chord progression in time, and when you find the chord that you feal is your chord, you can expect to be truly happy. In your terms, the chord is your intentionality. Every reason for living has to do with why you chose to be born, and in this, you can express to yourselves what your intentionality is.” ~ Session 225, February 16, 2008