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“There are reasons to want the [feminine/masculine energy] balance. This has been the problem, not that men have corrupted the world. The women… have also achieved this as well, so don’t wrong on men for the balance. There have been very many women perfectly suited for this example of humanity. This has been very purposeful to your species: to enable the imperfection, you might say, that is needing to be corrected.

“So this is important to know: that there are reasons to want to balance, but there are reasons to not want to balance completely, for the changes in the world are those needed to be changes. Not this, exactly, as change, but the need for change is what’s driving much creativity as well as potentials for examples to be made of men, as well as women.

“These are you, dear ones. These examples are you, so don’t ever think the world is in need of change without your consent. There are reasons to want to go forth as well as conquer the world, but to say the world needs changing is not exactly right.

“The world needs you, only, in it, okay? In all your goddess glory. (To Paul) We do mean you, as well, dear one. We realize the testosterone is enough in you to handle such an assertion, indeed.

“So we’ll suggest the days of the goddess are ahead for you all so as to invoke her in your days as women as well as goddesses, as well as even men who wish to allow this energy to permeate their being. Okay? So don your goddess-suits to go forth into the world as well as to thrive, for you’re doing this work now for that reason, as well as allowing the best selves to be in the world. You’re doing this today, even. Okay?” ~ Session 350, April 11, 2009