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“…when you beat yourself up…, you avoid the work that’s involved in getting to the root of the issue. That’s why the contrary self is so beneficial: she’s your friend no matter what, and she’ll tell you what you need to know, always, even if you don’t want to hear it at the time. And when she does, it’ll be in your best interests, and you’ll find that you can’t live without her. Indeed, you can’t.

“We suggest that insanity is the turning off of the contrary self, and when you can engage it, you’ll be happier. Now, you found this to be in your psyche already, at times, but it’s not really heavenly, in a sense, it’s perhaps considered the demon inside your head telling you things you shouldn’t know or do. This is incorrect. The contrary self isn’t exactly a demon, but it is devilish at times, to say the least. It will tell you to do things that you may not want to do at times, but you’ll need also to be discerning when it comes to this voice. But be discerning, don’t block it out. That’s the real key to allowing your total self to thrive, indeed. So do so.” ~ Session 239, April 26, 2008