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“In allowing your animal selves, you truly are in the world. You have to sometimes put aside the selves in order to thrive in ways that are more allowing of your mental pursuits, but to allow your animal selves is a very geanius way to allow your spiritual selves, dear one….

“So do allow the animal selves to get the heck out of the way when you decide to allow your provisions of thought-based challenges, but in every way, the animal selves you’re wanting to bring into your world more are very needed. In fact, they’re the only way you can truly feal alive at times. There’s no reason to believe your animal selves aren’t the default self that you are. So do allow the animal selves to be your main people, in a sense, to allow the best senxual selves you can be.

“Why not try to allow yourselves to think of yourselves as an animal, indeed? Why not try to allow yourselves to think of yourselves as a wonderful animal who has many ways of getting their due in the world? There are wonderful lions who have the sense they are the kings of the world, there are many monkeys to take on the challenges of the wisdom that is fraught in the senses of silliness, at times, also. The clearly wise sometimes don’t appear that way, do they? The monkeys know all about this, don’t they, dear ones?

“So do take on your every way of spirit in your animal senses, indeed. There are reasons to allow them berth in your world, in your organizations also. Why not try to allow your zoo to be the allowance for your beautiful selves that you don’t think about, either, when you meet together as providers of groups? So do allow yourselves to be your best animals, indeed.” ~ Session 310, December 13, 2008