“The way you can think of rest is as meditation …because you do allow meditation when you rest. So …this combined meditation, as well as rest — indeed, even sleep at times — is excellent, because it combines the three very important things you need together. They don’t need to be separated.

“You can geaniusly include both meditation, as well as dreams, in ways that will beautifully allow you insights into your lives. So when you drift off, as well as sleep, you can continue to truly meditate into things that you will find attractive, to say the least.

“In other words, you’ll meditate in ways that will pull you into your dream space, then you can remember to get out, then recall your dreams. This is the waking dream state that we’ve been training weany girl on.

“So when you drift off, you’re really meditating deeply, and reminding yourselves of what you dreamed is the point. The way you pull out what you need is a good practice — a good realization of spiritual meditation that will best be done, sometimes, when you are sleepy.

“So don’t worry if you sleep when you meditate, because this is just another state that you will find similar to meditation. But the way you can think of this is, in some ways, like the waking dream state, only you’re deeper. Then you trust that you can get the images as well as impressions from your sleep state that you need to. This is a good practice — do continue this so as to find ways to trustily get the meditation, as well as sleep, that you need, indeed.” ~ Session 215, December 31, 2007