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“You have more to you than you can possibly imagine. The engines that run your reality are so very tuned into what you need that you don’t need to double-think the things that you do every day. You only need to sometimes allow appreciation for those things, that’s all. For you don’t need to allow only your best selves to thrive, you also need to allow your best selves to find peace.

“Thriving is a sort of finding of peace, but you sometimes overlook the need for peace when you think about thriving. The thriving is an action, but being at peace is also an action. So sometimes you only need to allow the things to happen that need to happen, and allow yourselves to find ways to change in ways that you’ll find more divine, in some respects.

“So try to allow yourselves to let yourselves (Lightly said) be happy, that’s all. You don’t need to (deeper spoken) draw deep thoughts about how you want to be in the world at times, you only may need to be in the world, that’s all.

“So try to allow your magical days to inspire you in ways that you don’t yet. You don’t need to be any better than you are, in many ways. Sometimes you do, indeed, need to be better because you need to be happier, but you don’t need to wrong on yourselves for not getting the things you think you need. For in the long run, portents of fame and fortune are not what they may seem to be, indeed.

“So don’t worry that you’re not doing what the others may be doing, only think of how your being in the world is so very loving to us Roses, that we do want to express that you’re only wanting to allow yourself the same provision of fine-tuning that we have in store for you, indeed. So do so.

“Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Only try to fine-tune your provision of being on your way of spirit to help you — that’s all — not to exclaim that you need to win the lottery. That’s not what you’re here for, dear ones. You’re here to serve yourselves, as well as others. So do so.” ~ Session 283, August 30, 2008