The Way of Spirit

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“startling and transcendent”
“refreshingly straightforward”
“a voice of grace beyond the ordinary”
“entertaining” … “a fantastic read”
“you will find help here for reentering life’s mysterious flow”

Enjoy a serendipitous quote to help you on the way of spirit. For more quotes, reload your page.

The way of spirit incorporates for you only magic, and in this, you will see the magical events that happen in and around you in every moment. The way of spirit is an incredible experience in which you will discover that your senses operate most fully, your breath incorporates more air as well as spirit, and your dogged pursuits of happiness melt away without your missing them. For the way of spirit offers more: it offers your most beautiful and spontaneous world in which anything can happen in any moment. Free yourself to live this life that you’ve always longed for: the life you desire. – Rose, The Way of Spirit

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