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You judge judgment as bad. Do you see the folly in judging judgment? You do this all the time. The way you can think of judgment is as a means to discern that which you don’t fully understand. [Judgment] does occur too often in the world… in regard to religious beliefs, such as heterosexuals fearing their own inner longings in ways that they find unprovable, but they are fearful of gays because they are gay. This is a fear-based judgment that is only a shadow projection of theirs to allow themselves to push at the world the things they find in themselves that they don’t find acceptable. So the judgment is a shadowy projection of fear.

“The judgments occur always and they are bad in many respects, but they do want to continue as long as there are fears. You need to separate the judgments that you have that are shadow projections, and the judgments that you have that are discernments you would find helpful in realizing the fear of others that contaminates the world. Do try to continue to beat the bad guys, because the bad guys will beat you. You will want to put on your armor and take them out sometimes. This is a judgment. You’re correct that these are misplayed sometimes, because the really bad individuals are sometimes the ones in the armor.

“This doesn’t mean that you need to throw the baby out with the bath water, either, because you are needed to discern between the judgments you have that are shadowy, and the judgments that you need to live your lives. So you need to look at the judgments you have to really tell the difference.

“When you are feeling bad, you project on others what you need to pay attention to in yourself. You need to realize that sometimes the judgment isn’t about that. Then take action to insure that the judgments are realized in positive ways.” ~ Session 235, April 06, 2008