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“Fearlessness is, in your terms, essential to the way of spirit. The fearlessness you have in many ways trusts us gods to be in charge sometimes. When you fear, it’s because your ego selves want to express that they are in charge. They are not in charge, we [essence selves] are, but this is not to say that your ego selves are bad. They are wanting only to protect you from the things they fear, and they fear based on what they’ve learned in your experience. The ego selves only know what you have experienced. They are wanting the lessons that essence has to share with them.

“So fearing things is your ego being afraid. Your essence self says, (Whispering) ‘Lets keep going.’ And so you do — in trust — for ego will put the brakes on every time, and that is ego’s job. Your essence selves want to beautifully create the best expressions for you. So you can fear not that when essence calls to you, that the way of spirit is calling as well, and this is in every way the way of fearlessness.” ~ Session 225, February 16, 2008