Find Your Passions

In our Access Alternatives Practices (Access Alternatives and Access Alternatives II), we discuss the ways you can excel at living your life and quieting your thoughts by allowing any number of extraordinary possibilities into your awareness, then letting go of the most obvious ones.

In our description of channeling (see Channeling and Your Personal God), we suggested that in order to discover what you will indeed wish to channel, and how, that you get in touch with what interests you. The way you will find these interests are indeed important, for what you channel will in every way be invested in what you passionately desire to bring into your world. We suggest that the most important thing you can do for yourselves and your world is to take note of your passions and allow them to flourish, but first you must determine what they are.

For the next exercise, we suggest you to interest yourselves in being back in kindergarten, for the way you interested yourselves in your schooling was in every way like your learning how to connect with essence.  (See all Practices.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The way you may think about yourself is as a giant kindergarten full of wonderful toys and expressions of artistry. We suggest that everything in your world is your kindergarten. How you might go about channeling has everything to do with your work in your kindergarten. We do mean work, for your kindergarten, if it was worth its cookies, was in every way your opportunity to find your passion in life. We suggest you had a propensity towards certain areas: building blocks, kitchens, art materials, and many other things of interest such as story time, nap time, show and tell, and so on. The way you interest yourselves in your channeling abilities is directly connected with how you respond in your kindergarten in your mind.

Take a few moments to consider the kindergarten in your mind. We suggest it is a vastly improbable place with a room that goes on throughout eternity. We will wait so as to allow you to imagine this beautiful and fun place, and you can correctly say that the kindergarten is in every way your universe.

That’s right, we’re waiting. Take your time and imagine your kindergarten of your mind. We aren’t going anywhere. We will always be here, so trust that you can take as much time as you need.

The trust you have in yourselves has everything to do with what your kindergarten looks like. We suggest that if you are holding fear of interesting yourselves in new explorations, your kindergarten will look very small. If you are interesting yourselves in amazing feats of learning and discovery, then your kindergarten will look very large, almost endless, as it will stretch out as far as the inner eye can see, full of wonderful objects and toys and colors and little construction paper cutouts across your walls where you have left your wonderful creations for all to see.

The walls of your contrary place will in some ways also determine your interests, as you have many opportunities to fill your walls with things that can remind you of your abilities and interests. We suggest that on these walls are pictures that you have painted that have to do with your desires. The wall is filled with things like a comfortable home, loving friends and family, loving pets, loving wives and husbands, wonderful children, a spiritual retreat every now and then, some vacation and travel, some interesting projects. We suggest you allow yourself to mentally draw these items and put them on your walls with your psychological scotch tape.

The way you may know that you are invested in your kindergarten is that the kindergarten space will appear in your mind so very clearly that the space will seem real to you. The way you will know this will be, in your terms, that the room will look as real as any room you could possibly imagine yourself in, even physically real rooms. We suggest you continue to imagine this space with its many gyms and provocative objects such as easels, and paints, and toy cars, and ships, and telescopes, and any assortment of items that you deem worthy of inclusion in your space.

The same space that you occupy in your real world is in many ways the space that you occupy in your thought-kindergarten world, for the thought-kindergarten world is your projection of your ideal world in many ways. We suggest there are other children in your kindergarten who go about their play and work in ways that are harmonious. We suggest there are always plenty of toys and cookies for everyone, no matter how differently others may see this. The kindergarten is an infinitely abundant place and there is never any need for strife, so it will in many ways be an enjoyable place for everyone to thrive and grow.

The way you may know what things you are drawn to will in some ways be a treat, for you will in some ways not know what you’re drawn to until you are able to find the things in your kindergarten of the mind. The way you can know what your true calling in life is will be to engage your sense of playful imagination to create and draw yourself to the areas of the kindergarten that you find most appealing. Then do that. That’s all there is to it, for the things that you loved doing when you were children are the things that you will love to do as adults. If you’re not doing the things you loved doing as children, then you haven’t found your calling, and we suggest that you will be much happier when you do.

So trust yourselves to create and find the truest you in your kindergarten of your mind. We will continue to involve ourselves in supporting you in your efforts, so know that your essence selves are there as your lovely kindergarten chaperones to assist you in every way in finding your deepest, most fun, and expressive selves.

We wish you a very pleasant time in your new home—yes, that’s correct, home—for the home you love so dearly is indeed your playground, and canvas, and wonderful school, and your kindergarten embodies all of these things. We love you, and trust that you will find yourself by losing yourself in your play.