Let That Shit Go

NEW! Let That Shit Go: Learn to Process Loss and Be Happy

“Having read – and enjoyed – The Way of Spirit, I was eager to dive into this book. It did not disappoint. Rose/Joanne teaches us how to move through grief in ways that have previously gone unaddressed by society.

“The practical exercises (practices) provided serve to strengthen our own connection to the wisdom with each of us. Engaging content and Rose’s unique and loving delivery make for a fantastic read.” – Amazon Reviewer TechGirl

What if life knows better than you do what you need? And what if everything—even loss—could contribute to your happiness? Wouldn’t that make the large and small losses you experience daily easier to take, and life itself a friend rather than an enemy?

Yes it would. The problem in not knowing how to process loss is what keeps millions of people suffering with anxiety, addiction, despair, and depression. But you don’t have to, because this little book will help free you from what makes you unhappy so you can live with joy and purpose.

The inspiring, often humorous wisdom and practices will help you feel better right away, clear your harmful habits of thinking, release guilt and regret, and find yourself in love with life again.


There are more anxious, addicted, depressed, and suicidal people today than ever, and it’s no wonder. Our prevailing cultural beliefs have hypnotized millions of us into believing that we can’t end mental and emotional suffering, only manage it. This is the result of the tragically limited modern perspective that denies the spiritual reality that we are part of.

The fact is that including a spiritual dimension in one’s therapy is the most successful means of healing. Why? Because true spiritual wisdom has answers that “five senses only” modern world doesn’t. The key is finding the spiritual wisdom that is practical and successful in helping us with everything from daily disappointments to desperation and depression. 

This little bookwritten by the best spiritual sources you might imagine—is all that. 

This is what the book will help you do: to feel that the world
will give you what you need, in spite of what you think.”

—Rose, Let That Shit Go